Search across custom entities

One of my hamstrings right now is that I can't search across custom entities. Attached screen illustrates how search is only looking at default entities.

I'm pretty sure you guys are working on custom entities a lot more behind the scenes and are probably well aware of this one--but this one is something I could really use soon.  As a stopgap, I wouldn't care about granularity.  A single option to search across _all_ custom entities would do just fine.



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    Don Parker

    Pliny, there is a site pref that lets you add entities to the Quick Jump menu.  Go to *.shotgunstudio.com/preferences, and look for the preference called "quick_jump_entities". In the text field, add the entity name  you want to include.  (Note that we're working on the redesign for the prefs now, which will show up in the admin area with inline docs and much better usability.  Sorry for the pain you are about to go through!)

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    Pliny (John Eremic)

    That was easy.  Thanks!

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