Printing Gantt views

I've had a few requests from producers trying to print out their schedules, ideally with task details down the left hand side and the gantt view down the right hand side. It's technically possible with Shotgun as it is, but it could be a lot nicer. One of the problems is getting the Gantt view displaying the correct range - if you fiddle about for a bit trying different scales you can usually fit it in eventually, but you can't say "line up 20th June with the left hand edge" so you often get a great big gap on the left which wastes space and forces you to zoom out more than you would like.


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    Isaac Reuben

    Andy, besides an option for lining up the date with the left nav, what other improvements could we make for printing out the Gantt view?

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    Andy Geers

    Just to clarify: by left hand edge, I meant the left edge of the Gantt View panel, not the left nav. i.e. you want to be able to print task details side by side with the gantt view.


    Not really sure of any other specifics.  I've had a quick play and it doesn't seem too hard to use. If I switch the page layout to landscape it sort of roughly works - I guess I'd need to set it to display all results first, and I get a few blank pages printed at the end, but there's probably not a lot you can do about all that.

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    David Applebee

    To answer Isaac's Question - Ideally this would work much in the same way as other applications that have built in print functionality.

    With Google Sheets for instance, selecting print from your chrome menu produces a very messy view (with visible menus, and borders etc..), but if you use the native print function within the program, you are given formatting options and are able to provide page handling instructions so that the ultimate print looks good on paper.

    In essence:

    The normal Gantt view is optimized for editing the data live - as it should be. If you were going to print this view, you would want to eliminate anything "interactive" and optimize the general display for clarity of absorbing the data (print over white, remove menus or headers etc..). Perhaps being able to specify what fields to display on the left side, maybe entering in a date range to display, options like "fit to width" or "fit to height" or paper size.

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