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In addition to supporting multiple assignments, we could use some other RT-like roles on tickets.  Here's a suggestion from one of our TD's who just started using Tickets in their workflow:

This is "inspired" by my experience with RT, from where I'm also borrowing some words.

In addition to "multi-assignees", it would be useful to be able to add people in other capacities:

requestor - most of the time will be the same as 'creator', but not always.
I'm not sure we need to make the distinction, but I've seen tickets change hands as requestors move to other projects or change jobs.
watcher - people who are not the creator, requestor, or assignees, but should be kept in the loop of any development on the ticket.
admin - usually all supervisors are admin for tickets related to their departments.

Each capacity receives correspondence differently. Internal communication might be disted to developers (watchers and/or admin) while small updates or questions are sent to the requesters.
Each capacity could have different permissions as to what they can do with the ticket.

Again, if that's not possible today, it would be nice to have it as a request to shotgun development.



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    Don Parker

    Tommy, would the multiple assigness be in that "assigned to" field?  Same field, but supporting people and groups like tasks? 

    Any of the other fields linking to people can be added now as a normal entity field if it's only one person.  Seems like "Requestor" is like that.  Though I'm gussing you'd want that filled in automatically with the "created by" value with the option to edit if needed?

    I like that "Watcher" field idea.  We had been talking about a "Subscribers" field to do that same thing.  Would people just add themselves then?  Seems like that field would need to have a button or link for pepole to click that just adds or removes them quickly, as opposed to editing the field and typing in their own names.

    So "Admins"... would that have to be added by a trigger?  Would it always work with a piece of logic, or would it need to be edited?  We're getting ready to support rss/email feeds for any page, so people can "pull" the stuff that is interesting to them.  In that case, an admin could make a page for all tickets created by someone in their group, and the page would just keep them in the loop.  That is a pull, as opposed to a "push" with an explicit name on a ticket.  Thoughts?

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    Tommy Kiser

    Yeah, the priority is high on the Assigned To: part of this request.  We want to use Tickets to track Kickbacks, but would need to be able to have muliple artists/TD's (in different departments usually) assigned to work on the ticket.  And yes, we'd like it to work just like the Assigned To: field on Tasks.

    You're idea for a 'Subscribe' button sounds good, but I think a normal people field (supporting multiple people) would work as an initial implementation for Watchers/Subscribers.  I think more often than not this field will be populated by someone else who knows certain people need to be kept in the loop, rather than people finding the ticket themselves and subscribing, though I'm sure that will happen sometimes.

    Admins (as it works in RT, where this request came from) have more to do with what fields a user can edit on the ticket than any special level of communication.  I think there's not much need for this unless we have permissions on individual field edits in the Ticket entity, then you'd want Admins who could tweak any field, vs. Watchers who would be more restricted.  Short of the access issues, I think your page suggestion would work fine for a supervisor to monitor their department's tickets.  I had something similar in mind.


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    We've added multiple assignees as internal ticket #7068.

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    Francis Provencher

    We are using a RT system in house and are looking at the possibilty of moving our support requests to Shotgun ticketing system.

    Following on this feature request, I would like to add more details about the "admin" field to a ticket.This feature is closely linked to the possibility to "comment" on a ticket. In RT, there are two kind of communications:

    - Reply: will add the text to the ticket and send an email to everyone (creator, cc, owner, admin). It is used to communicate with the creator/requestor.

    - Comment: will add the text to the ticket as comment, only visible by the owner of the ticket and the admin. It is used to communicate between people working on the issue. This way a supervisor can add a comment specifying details that might help the owner of the ticket resolve the issue or answer. Sometimes with details or information that we don't want the creator of the ticket to see.

    Tell me if you need more details about this.

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