Summary data in CSV export

Would be nice if we could get the summary data (percentages of task status summaries especially) to come through in the excel .csv exports.  Would also like to see the grouping maintained, and the summary data on the groups would be useful too.


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    Don Parker

    Do you think we should preserve other things, such as column width, thumbnails, and other formatting?  We've been talking about two export options:  csv and formatted xls.  This would also let you markup and print complex reports.  Thoughts?

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    Mike Romey

    I prefer formats like csv apposed to xls but that is likely because I don't use excel day to day.  Having the summary data for non tech people is great but also consider that tech people sometimes need to jump through hoops to do the summary.  So any output solution needs to accomidate both nicely.

    It would rock if you could just export that data as a python pickle file as well.  This way developers can jump start coding with the exported data in python right away if they needed to.


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    Rob Blau

    I'm fine with cvs.  If we're going to be bringing things into excel (which we do), we'll very quickly want more advanced formatting than would be easily done on your side, and the second we start using formatting above and beyond what you support we'll have to do something like reference the shotgun data from a seperate worksheet which we control the formatting of anyway.  Given that, there are other features I'd definitely be more interested in that would minimize the amount of reports we'd have to resort to excel for.  :)

    If there were more control over summary calculations or after support for calculated fields, I could see this being a little more useful, but without those more advanced fields in Shotgun, we're going to end up doing a layer of interpretation in excel anyway, which could easily include adding in excel formatting rather than passing along SG formatting.


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    In 1.13 we'll be releasing user-defined Query Fields (summaries) which are supported in the exporter. Exporting the Task information in Pipeline Steps are also supported both in detail and summary mode. We still have exporting to formatted Excel on our roadmap, but there are some options that work now.

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