Ability to import/export configuration data (page templates, custom fields, etc.)

This would be so it is easier to transfer this kind of configuration between instances. 

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    There are a lot of complicated pieces to doing this type of thing, but maybe not impossible. We'd need to break out the specifics though:

    • Page Templates: this would include the page layout, query, columns displayed, paging, and conditional formatting rules. These are all stored in the Page Settings for the Page. But if you were wanting to migrate this to another instance, it would likely require that all of the columns exist exactly on the other server as well. I'm not sure how we'd handle when things didn't match up correctly.
    • Custom Fields: this would be any/all fields you have created on your instance for each entity? 

    How would you want to export/import these? Maybe the same way we do exporting and importing of data...

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