More Keyboard Shortcuts

An increasingly common request I am hearing from users is to get some keyboard shortcuts added to Shotgun. Some examples I can think of:

  • next/prev page on a paginated list view
  • next/prev record when on a shot/scene/cut item detail page
  • focus on to the quickjump bar
  • add new record on list view (e.g. for creating tasks)
  • add new query filter and focus onto it
  • assign function keys to jump to particular pages of interest (e.g. to "all shots in film", "lighting schedule", etc.)
  • select all records in list view
  • switch tabs left/right on a detail page
  • expand all/collapse all cards in card view

For some users familiar with FileMaker, the lack of these kinds of things is a big stumbling block that puts them off wanting to switch - but I imagine they'd be quite a quick win from your point of view.


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    Mike Romey

    - A shortcut for expanding and collapsing all cards and or groups on a loaded page would be a hugh help. 

    -  To add, it would be nice to maybe also have an incrementatl paging shortcut.  We spend a lot of time going to pages that have either to much paging data or not enough.  Having a quick shortcut to a page to grow or shrink the paging would be very helpful.

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    Isaac Reuben

    Thanks for the suggestions.  We're definitely going to be adding more keyboard shortcuts.  One that is already in place is the focus on the quickjump bar.  If you type "s" you will focus on the quick jump.  And in 1.6, if you type "n" you will focus on the New Entity menu, and can then select an entity type to create (defaults to the type of entity you are currently looking at).

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    Andy Geers

    Another one that came up today was when adding filters, and you're selecting the field you want to filter on from the popup menu, a user expected to be able to press the first letter of the field name to make the selection hop to that one (pretty standard fare in most apps).

    If more keyboard shortcuts would be a fairly quick win then I think it would be a massive boon for most users who are migrating from other apps and currently feel massively disempowered by their loss of "power user" status, and feel really bogged down by Shotgun and its lack of keyboard shortcuts.

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    Alexey Borzykh

    For Overlay Player it would be nice to have [ f ] key mapped for a full screen mode activation.

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    Jennifer Brola

    We'd also get mileage out of a shortcut to add a task pin (to selected) or task link (to selected).  It used to be a two-click process to add either, and now it's a four-click process:

    1) Click on the task
    2) Click More
    3) Click Dependencies
    4) Click Link or Pin

    It's a repetitive action, so all those extra clicks start to add up over time.

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    Chris Bennett

    Screening Room would be awesome to Ctrl+a/select all versions in timeline view. Can be alot of work if you need to slect all versions(not just the versions in the timeline) and the zoom out does not catch them all. Even more of a bummer if you drag select almost everything then your finger slips off the shift key : (.

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