Automatically Cut out Handles, and Right click to view in Shotgun from Shot list (not a playlist)

So this is two feature requests.. I'm directing a team of animators; and my animators would like to be able to quickly see what their shot looks like in context of the shots around it.  Currently they need to find each shot version in Explorer, and drag the quicktimes into RV, and then they need to go to the playlist editor, and type in the frame number to start and to cut on.  This is all pretty tedious and I think it could be done a lot faster.

For one, I think you should be able to go to the shot list of an episode, right click a bunch of shots, and select 'Play in RV' .. and it should just play the newest version of each shot.  You can only click on Play in RV in the version list or a playlist (and making a playlist each time an animator wants to check their shot in context is a big time waster.. especially since they'd need to update the versions of the shots)

Secondly, I think cutting out the handles could be done in a much faster way.  Two ways could help with this:

1.) set a default value to cut out frames.  Maya always adds 5 frames for our handles, so it'd make a lot of sense if we could select a bunch of shots, watch it in RV, and then click a button that says 'Cut out Handles'

2.) Since I sometimes play with the timing of the cut, it's not always going to be the same amount of frames to cut.  So we should still be able to select which frames we want to cut.  Currently they'd need to find the frame length and minus the 5 off that.  Wouldn't it make sense if you could choose to type in the frame numbers , IE. (cut in: 1, cutout: 152) or you could choose to just type out the amount of frames you want to cut out at the end, or cut in at the start (cut in: 1, cutout: 5 frames)  If I told my animator I cut in 4 frames extra into the start, they'd just put (cutin: 4, cutout 5).

I have to make so many notes on just things not cutting properly.. so I feel that it would help a lot if RV/shotgun was designed to make it much more intuitive and quick for animators to see how their shots cut together.

Thanks for your time :)



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