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In Shotgun Tags became a full fledged feature with a dedicated page to administer them. You can see a count for the number of times a Tag is used, but you can't easily see everything currently using that Tag. These are the requirements we're currently assessing:

  • Some sort of dedicated page or modal window that appears when clicking on the usage count on the Tags page.
  • Ability to mass-edit Tag values on that page (e.g. remove that Tag, or add a new one).

Are there any other requirements we should be considering? Is this something you'd like to see?

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    Tony Aiello

    Yes please!  Also:

    • Master/Detail View for a page of Tags.  Right now there is only Grid / List view for a page of Tags, including the administrator menu > Tags page.
    • rendered links to Tag Detail Pages.  Right now even tho the Tag Name column defaults to be formatted "Display Cell as Link to the Tag Detail Page", Shotgun does not render it as a clickable link. I exposed the ID column and formatted it that way as well... still no link render.  And Tags are not listed in Site Preferences > Entities at all, where one might go to "enable Detail Pages for" the Tag entity.
    • modern Detail pages for Tags.  Right now you can manually construct a link to a detail page for a Tag, or even programmatically create one with say a URL Template field on Tags e.g. http://yourshotgunstudio.domain.com/detail/Tag/{id}, and it *does* resolve!... but rendered as an old-school Shotgun v5 (4?) style page... very retro.
    • (On a somewhat related note, it'd be great if you could use squiggly-bracket substitution syntax in the Link Name field for URL Templates... e.g. the Tag name field is indeed {name}, but right now if you put that in the Link Name for a URL Template field, they just all render as "{name}".)


    My point is I was thinking of constructing tabs on the Tag detail page for the top-10 or so critical entities on which we generally would use Tags, as a workaround to not having an "all tagged entities" popup or creating a query field on the Tag entity for each possible interesting taggable entity which would greatly slow down the Tags management page.



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