PRINT button in RVPlayer. It would be nice to natively FILE/PRINT the frame RVPlayer is viewing.

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    (Michael) Kessler Official comment


    While not necessarily a native printing, I've put together a quick package that provides File>Printing of the viewport.  Note that this will print the viewport as-seen, so all overlays will be included (timeline scrubber, wipes, image info, margins, etc).

    Hopefully, this can help you get by with your printing needs.  If you want additional functionality, the entire source code is Python+PySide and should be easy to extend.

    Go ahead and check out this package here: https://autodesk.box.com/s/4b8mipwefx6ixg371u5ykdkd8cd0a28j

    Install that in the RV>Preferences>Packages, restart RV, and then you should see the Print... menu item show up under File.

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