Be able to view "Cuts" in screening room

As a Supervisor I really like being in Screening Room. It enables be to go into detail when viewing tasks/shots/artists/etc. SG Review is far from what I need. But every now and then I need to view the "cut" or a version of a commercial. Since Screening Room and SG Review is not compatible I feel we are loosing something. SG Review is far from an ideal tool for me as a VFX Supervisor, but I do understand the need for it. 

But what I can't understand is why we can't treat Cut's as a Sequence? It would have been so easy to (I think) to just add it into the left menus (see attached image). Please let me know what you think.

best regards




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    Robinson, Darrell

    I also would love to see this!

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    Armando Ricalde

    Definitely a must. 

    We're using SG Review but I missed a lot the other great features from Screening Room


    Please don't take too much time to do this.

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