Shotgun + RV Import Cut Feature Not Working


I've been trying to test out the Import Cut feature using RV 7.1.2.

I was trying to follow this video tutorial:


However, I don't have an SG Review menu in RV (I do have a Shotgun menu, but I can't see any Import Cut features in this menu). When I tried to launch the Import Cut tool via Shotgun, RV 7 successfully launches, but the Import Cut window does not launch. I get the following error message in the console:

The sgtk_boostrap.py file does exist in my RV python plugins, but it is failing to work. It appears to be failing to import QtCore and QtGui. We use these modules in our non-RV codebase... could that be causing a conflict? Are they supposed to also be packaged in RV's version of python but they aren't? Is there anything additional I need to install in RV packages in order to make them work? And is this even related to the Import Cut window not opening as expected?

Any insight on this issue would be appreciated.




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    (Michael) Kessler Official comment

    Having two versions shouldn't be a problem, but if your studio version of PySide is in your PYTHONPATH you will be overriding the embedded version of PySide which is likely to be incompatible with RV.

    Can you try to remove your PySide installation path from your PYTHONPATH to see if this is the cause?




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    Sylvia Kosowski

    I should add that I also have RV 6.2.6 installed on my machine concurrently. Could having two versions of RV on the same machine be causing problems? Right now our pipeline is using RV 6.2.6, so it has to remain installed as I test out RV 7.

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