incorporate / display marmoset toolbag viewer scenes.

Marmoset Toolbag is a widespread 3d object assembly tool, taking 3d mesh and applying custom materials, one of it's outputs is a (reasonably) lighttweight web-based self-contained scene. With 360 view and adjustable lighting which makes viewing review objects with a standard suite of material and lighting settings a breeze.

It'd be great to incorporate that as a direct media type.

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    Nate Ramos

    This could greatly improve the review pipeline for assets within Shotgun. Having to load up editors, modeling software etc to review an asset in 3d space is a large waste of time. With a large game containing thousands of assets and external clients providing 3d assets, it's important to have tools like these in order to give feedback within a timely manner without having to leave the shotgun project in order to do so. Are there plans of providing 3d asset viewer inside of Shotgun that can load your files and even better, a playlist of assets that need reviewed?

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