A safe learning environment?

Is there a test environment that I can safely do everything without messing my company's existing system? I just got promoted and assigned task to integrate  Shotgun with our pipeline. I want to experiment and try things out but I don't want to mess up what's already there.

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Panupat,

    Good question! Depending on the nature of the things you need to try, there are a few different options:

    1. Your studio may have a staging or dev server for this very activity. Check with them to see if one exists.
    2. You may be able to make your own "dev" Project on the studio's main site in which to do your development. Integrating Toolkit can be done on a per-Project basis, so work you do in this development Project can later be moved over to others.
    3. You can always sign up for a trial site and do some experiments there without worrying about affecting production data.
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