RV "full" fullscreen

There should be a very simple way to go proper fullscreen in RV. The existing "fullscreen" feature only seems to maximise the window and hide the window title bar. We still need to hide the timeline, menu bar, top view toolbar and bottom view toolbar. This should all happen if you double click on the image like vlc etc




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    Alexey Borzykh

    +1 on this one.

    Double click currently does very intuitive and useful function - to dive deeper to the media if you are in a split screen (compare) mode for example.

    So, hide all UI elements going Full Screen Mode - yes. By the double click - no.

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    (Michael) Kessler


    I actually built a useful 'Quick Fullscreen' package.  It might not have 100% coverage for all UI elements, but it should cover at least all the common use cases.  It also sends out a custom internal event when the state changes, so if you have built your own UIs (such as floating windows, or other widgets that need to be hidden) you can have them respond and hide/show.

    Check out my package here:


    To use this package, use Alt/Option ~.  Exiting out of fullscreen can either be done with Alt/Option ~ again, or just ~.

    Please let me know what you think!

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    Luke Harris

    That's pretty perfect Michael. Thanks a lot for sharing, hopefully they include it as a standard package! 

    Alexey thanks for pointing that out about double click, I didn't realise

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    (Michael) Kessler


    I've built this package with the intent of sharing it with our clients; so thank you for the push to get this out there.  I've personally been using it for validation, but I think it needs a bit more varied use (and QA) before it is included as a standard package.  It has had some, but very little production use so far.

    Feel free to submit support tickets if you find any problems with it or standard widgets that have been missed.  If you have custom UIs/overlays to be handled, you can have them respond to `quick-fullscreen-activated` and `quick-fullscreen-deactivated`.

    Thanks, again, for submitting this feature request, and do let us know (either here or in a ticket) if you find any rough edges.

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