Grouping Tasks by parent entity (schedule view)

We are trying to create a schedule that pulls task from multiple entities, each with their own pipeline.

We decided to create a custom filter in order to view only the tasks we need for a top level schedule. The filter is working fine but we are having a big problem grouping the tasks by their parent entity. (ie shots listed by episode)

The only solution we could find is to add a new field at the task level , named for the parent entity and group by that field. 

This is frustrating because the tasks are already contained by that entity upstream and having to add the info downstream is cumbersome.

Is there a better solution to this grouping issue or are we just stuck with a ton of data entry?

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Jessica,

    Good question! Using the default Link > Shot > Sequence > Episode hierarchy in Shotgun, you could Group your Tasks like so:

    If you're still having trouble, open a support ticket with your specific site and Page you're trying to organize and one of us on the street team will be happy to help you.

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