Linking versions to shots but restricting Entities viewing permissions


We have hired an outsource company to do part of the work in a project. We want to restrict their shotgun access so that they only have access to the project page we have created for them (and we have removed their navigation bar option). 

However, we would like them to be able to assign entities when they upload their versions to their restricted playlists, so that we can have them link their versions to specific shot entities in shotgun. To allow them to do so, I have left the Entity option in Field Permissions visible. 

The problem is that, even though I can leave the entity column in their page hidden, the outsource company is able to unhide it, and by clicking in the entity they can gain access to the rest of shotgun.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can give a restricted user the ability to link versions to shots but at the same tie keep the entity column invisible for them?


Thank you.

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    Laura Muro

    Shotgun support helped me with this issue! I had lost my vendor permission role and their restored it for me. I just had to adjust some settings and it worked exactly like we needed it to. 

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