HI, I'm currently trying to setup RV to work on Aces project.

I'm essentially trying to mimic the way it works in nuke with OCIO.


In our current setup, where basically sources are aces2065-1 and display is output-rec709 (incl. rrt), I think it is pretty straightforward to get it to work with OCIO package.

The problem is I need to apply a "grading" lut in the middle of that chain, and the lut is in an Alexa to Alexa or Alexa to rec709 flavour.


In Nuke I just need to put some ocioColorspace transformations before and after my lut (working_space to Alexa, then output-rec709 to working_space)

I can't seem to find an easy way to make it in RV with the bundled packages.

I would need some kind of prelut/postlut ocio transforms


Any help appreciated

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    Patrick Macdonald

    Did you get this working? If so, can you share ? 

    If not, have you looked at the OCIO package? With that loaded, you can then set these conversions inside your ocio.config with a 'look'.

    More info here :


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