Linking Fields...

Hello all - field connection question...

I have three "entities" I want to cross link together- I have "DELIVERIES" for "COUNTRIES" who have "CARRIERS".

I currently have it working so that I have a Country field in DELIVERIES that pulls a value from the COUNTRIES - for example, Delivery Alpha is going to FRANCE. I have a complete list of available countries in my COUNTRIES entity, and it links via a multi-entity fine to DELIVERIES. Works great.

Now in COUNTRIES I have a multi-entity field connecting to the CARRIERS entity. So FRANCE could have ATT, VERIZON and TMOBILE. This also works fine.

What I want to do is have a "carriers" multi-entity field in DELIVERIES whose contents are based on what COUNTRY that Delivery has selected- so when I put "FRANCE" in the Country field in my Delivery, it autofills a carrier field based on the data in Country.

This seems like a multi-entity->multi-entity connection, which I am not sure SG will do?

Ideas? Thanks in advance!



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