set ReaderThreads in the .RV file

We are generating a .rv file via python, from a shotgun menu.

Python localises the sequences on our review station, and generates and launches the .rv. The shots range from HD (9MB/file) to 4/6K (50MB/file).

We found our sweet spots for reader threading, but unfortunately its different per show. 

Is there a way to set the Preferences in general, Reader Threads to be more specific, via the .rv file?



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    (Michael) Kessler Official comment

    Hi Nick,

    If the breakdown of preferred settings is across shows, you could utilize the hierarchical preferences to set different preference defaults/overrides for each show.

    Check out the reference chapter on these preferences here:


    If you create a preference file that defines the overrides and then point the environment variable RV_PREFS_CLOBBER_PATH at a directory with your override for the show, it will force all the preferences defined in that file.  

    Since the RV_PREFS_CLOBBER_PATH can actually take multiple locations separated by :, you can even include multiple paths for RV to search over.

    Would that approach work for you?

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    Nick Joseph

    That will work. I can Edit the Reader Threads line in the .ini via python before the .rv file is launched.



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