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Just curious if there was any workaround available for EXRs that are written with incorrect colorspace tags in the metadata. We are working on a show using ACES 2065 colorspace and the EXRs written from both Nuke and After Effects are tagged with the wrong colorspace and RGB primaries. It would be great to have a package or other way to temporarily override this in RV.

The original client material plays fine, but the material from comp looks desaturated and whites are slightly tinted. Nuke material I checked is tagged as Rec709 despite using Nuke's newest OCIO ACES setup.

Any suggestions for a work-around?


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    (Michael) Kessler Official comment

    Hi Brain!

    RV is often used with packages to adjust for media with incorrect headers/metadata.  We have a sample package for this specific issue when it comes to Rec709 primaries metadata being baked into ACES files.  You can download that example here:

    That package will toggle a source's primaries between Rec709 and ACES (and back) when you press the 'z' key.

    If you want to open a support ticket, we can talk specifics with your media, and guide you into how to handle your specific case to set up an automatic conversion using a custom source setup plugin.

    Give us a shout on the support page or email us at support@shotgunsoftware.com and I can get some more information about your specific media and how we can differentiate when to apply this logic.




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