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I accidentally posted previously to the other forum so apologies.

So we are gearing up to use RV with greater anger soon and I wanted to ask if there were any best practices for a smooth pipeline.

I see that the OCIO plugin will read tags in the image name and perform the correct transforms which seems like it would reduce some user error.  Is this practical or is threr better ways of automating the correct display of the images? Or do we just need rely on user education?




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    Jon Morley

    Hi John,

    Thank you for reaching out. I hope we can help you avoid some of that anger and find a configuration that provides the smooth pipeline you are looking for.

    As you alluded by default the OCIO package uses "config.parseColorSpaceFromString(media)" to find the linearization transformation. The package has some hooks for customizing through Python if the default behavior doesn't cover your needs. Furthermore there always remains the option to make a custom source setup package outside of using OCIO and relying on the built-in transforms.

    For next steps I would recommend making sure you are working with the latest release of RV as we continue to improve these color management packages. Once you install that I would open up the preferences dialog, click on the Packages tab, and then select the OCIO package and reading the documentation in the bottom pane of the dialog. After you have taken a look at that please let me know what your follow up questions are.


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    Hey Jon,

    Thanks for this. I think that gives us something to go on presently.



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