Task Dependency Offset

It would be great to have access to the offset field for task dependencies so that when importing tasks via a spreadsheet you can import the offset as well as the up & downstream dependencies.

Most dependencies in our studio are same-day where one artist finishes a task and the next artist starts there on the same day. By default dependencies always roll to the next day, so we'd like to enter our schedule via a spreadsheet import with a -1 dependency on tasks that are required to start on the same day as another one ending.

The same is true for some tasks where the client has a few days to review and approve. It would be great to enter "2" as our offset if we are giving the client 2 days to review a task.

We create our project plans in spreadsheets and import them into SG for our producers to assign and date. Currently we have to import our schedule, apply any offsets one a time by option clicking then turn it over to the producer to schedule. This creates redundant work over just entering an offset at the time of the spreadsheet creation.


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