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Is there a "before_app_launch" type hook for SG Review where I can pass RV environment variables?  I need the EV's to be project/config specific, not site wide or hard-coded on the computer.

I am playing around with the SG Review setup to see if we can start to transition away from Screening Room for RV.  One of the things we are making heavy use of are RV's Environment Variables (Windows) to setup project specific file handling on startup.  We even have a Shotgun Desktop app launcher for RV so that we could launch with our custom EV's per project using the "before_app_launch" hook method, and a similar "init_hook" for any "Jump to Screening Room in RV" request made from the browser.

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    (Michael) Kessler Official comment

    Hi Mike,

    In Shotgun, the "Play in RV" is not launched like a toolkit launcher, it is launched through an rvlink:// url. On Windows, the application that handles the rvlink schema is defined by your registry. The default behavior with the Windows installer is to register the rv.exe as the url handler for the rvlink:// schema.
    See here for how the protocol handler is installed: http://www.tweaksoftware.com/static/documentation/rv/current/html/rv_manual.html#C_2_Installing_the_Protocol_Handler

    If you wanted to customize what happens when you launch RV, you could repoint the rvlink registry definition to a script/application of your own design and run your pre-launch configuration before launching RV.



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