Calendar Displaying Active Task Count

This is a request to have a calendar that displays the number of "active" Tasks for each day of the week (i.e. if the date is in between the start and end dates of the Task). If this would be useful to you please add your vote and use cases to the comments section.

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    Tony Aiello

    Have an upvote, though I'd rather see this idea go further.  The main use-case I see for this is production reporting -- who's busy doing what when.  But just as important as what's going on today is what was going on yesterday, or a month ago, or will be going on in a month.  As we've gone down that path, I've created a "Week" CustomEntity on which we can hang various different Query fields for different departments / Pipeline Steps / even individuals.  I'd like to see this sort of thing become a real fully-supported Shotgun entity with cool built-in features but also able to have more fields added-to.

    Plus, AFAIK, the old Calendar view for Tasks still remains hidden.  Is the idea to expose it once again?

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