publish mini cuts to client site

It would be great if it were possible to share mini cuts via the client review site.

I very much dislike showing directors/clients isolated vfx shots and now that we have the ability to put shots into mini cuts, this would be the obvious next step for me.

Even cooler would be if such a mini cut could actually trigger a transcode on the server to bake it into a single quicktime in case the client wants/needs to download it.

Anybody else?


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    Phil Jones

    I completely agree on these ideas and am adding my +1

    A few other ideas to add to this:

    - Ability to set the number of shots before/after the version in question, before locking and sending the playlist to the clients.

    - Ability for the clients to change the number of shots before/after while they are reviewing.

    - Also need an option to allow for a full version of the cut 

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    Paul Alexiou

    I agree with this!

    Clients rarely want to review a shot on its own and almost always want to review it in context. This functionality already exists within the Media App so it would be great to port it across.


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    Shelley Andagan

    Agreed.  Would be great to be able to deliver cuts or stringouts to clients.

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