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I am trying out the client review site in the browser right now, but can't find any hint for the annotation tool (see attached picture). In every Tutorial it is placed under the picture frame with a pencil icon - But I definitively can't find it. Do I have to adjust anything in the setting to make it visible? (user has acces to editing and creating comments)


Many Thanx!


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    Brandon Foster Official comment

    Hi Vfx (if that's your real name ;-),

    Thanks for your question. From this screenshot, are you using a device like a Surface Pro? We're in the process of fixing a bug where such hybrid style devices are incorrectly being identified as a mobile platform (like a phone) where annotations are not currently enabled. I don't have an exact ETA for the fix, but we are actively investigating. In the meantime, try accessing the Client Review Site from a regular desktop or laptop computer and the annotation tools should be visible for you.

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    yes exactly, surface pro! :D 

    Ok, in the meantime I will switch to a regular desktop then, but it would be great if this will be extended in the future like you said... because everybody of our upcoming project is working with surface pro's. :)

    Thank you very much for your help!

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