Shotgun menu options missing in Houdini

Hey guys

Something strange happens when some artists change the context in Houdini. Not all the options in the Shotgun menu appear....


Never mind : Houdini 14 and older, the Shotgun menu in Houdini is generated before Houdini starts and is static throughout the session. Due to this, the toolkit commands registered in the menu will not update on context changes.


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    Josh Tomlinson Official comment

    Hey Carlos! 

    I just saw your update! Glad you got it going. Please let me know if you run into any other issues. Feel free to open a new ticket by emailing support@shotgunsoftware.com.


    -Josh T.

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    Alexander Somma

    Hi. I don't get the menu at all. How do I figure out whats going on?

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    Josh Tomlinson

    Hi Alexander!

    I can help you figure this out. If you could, please send an email to support@shotgunsoftware.com with some information about your setup so I can help you diagnose the issue. It would be great to know the following:

    • What Houdini version are you using?
    • What version of the tk-houdini engine are you using?
    • How are you launching houdini? (command line, web, Desktop)
    • What operating system are you using?

    If you can provide a zipped up copy of your config, that would help as well. 

    When you send the email, feel free to reference this post and mention that Josh from the Toolkit team is helping you. Looking forward to helping you track down the issue! Once we get it figured out, I'll update here for anyone else that finds this post. 


    -Josh T. 


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