Sg7.0 EDL cut tool Rv to support BL(black slug) entries

Our pipeline uses adobe premiere. Since we are doing animation it's common to "fill in the blanks" in an edit later. They use black as placeholder in animatics. This BL is referee to as BlackSlug and is currently unsupported by sg7.0 EDL import tool.
Without support for it we cannot use the tool. I'm surprised at such an oversight and would love for support for this (generic black filler) to be added adapt to make the new cut tools really useful. Immature it comes up a lot.
Thank you.


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    Johnny Duguid

    Hi Andreas, Thanks for the info and request - we want support BL entries, but could use some feedback from the community. 

    1. Can you tell us how you would expect Shotgun to play back those BL sections? For example, should we just skip them, show black frames, or something else?
    2. Are your BL entries ever mixed up into transitions? If so, anything worth noting in terms of thoughts about that case?
    3. As the project evolves when - if ever - are you filling in the blanks/BLs? Would you expect to do that in the Import Cut App or further down the road in SG?

    Finally, example EDLs with BLs are super handy when shared with us. (Andreas - I saw your support ticket with the EDL example, thanks for that!)



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    Andreas Jablonka

    Hi Johnny,


    1) yes show black, as thats what the edit does, timing wise its important to feel the pace.

    2) I dont think so right now, it but sometimes we do have a text/title with a shotname or description such as  "BattleScene". 

    3) yes the blanks fill with shots. so i would expect shotgun to track the black parts as it does now with a tracking umber and no shot entity assigned till we fill it with a shot qt and then the normal cut update mechanisms can link it to shot.

    i have a sample i can email you whats your email please?



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    Rebecca Yang

    Hi Johnny,


    We are having the slug problem too. As a Chinese studio, with our editorial team in LA, we are evaluating whether we can use Import Cut to better our editorial pipeline. Except for BL, could you please give a list or more examples of events that are not supported by Import Cut? That will decide whether we are going to use this new feature in our coming show. Thanks!

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    Dennis --DJ-- Hauck

    We have a slug at the top of our edit for broadcast QC requirements, so in our case they are never filled in.

    I don't have a strong preference in this case if they showed up in the cut or not, but it would be great to have these supported in the cut import.

    We also have audio cut items sometimes, especially over 2D graphics (.wav source for the cut item).  I'm not sure there is a single graceful workflow for this either, but another issue that prevents us from importing EDLs.

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