Import Cut App - More Granular Thumbnail Option

Currently the Import Cut App can do many things at the time of import (create the Cut, associated Shots, and a reference Version if you have media).

We've heard from some clients they'd like to see the Import Cut App offer additional granularity with regards to Shot thumbnails, those being:

  • If Shots are created during the Import, pull a thumbnail from the reference movie using the timecode in the EDL and upload to the thumbnail field for the new Shots.
  • When viewing the imported Cut, show thumbnails from the associated Shot timecode, rather than the thumbnail for the reference Version linked to the cut.

Would these features be useful for you? Are there other Shot-centric updates you'd like to see performed when using the Import Cut App? Please vote, and let us know in the comments.

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    Yes we would very much lilke something like that.

    Working on feature films we use the cut a lot - but pnly 10-20% of shots are vfx shots - the rest never comes into SG = out cut timellne is VERY hard to navigate as all shots look the same (have te same thulbnail!)

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