some trouble when install apps

when i set up project by sg desktop,it stop when installing the tk-houdini,the message is “WARNING: Attempt 0: Attachment download of id 14076 from
https://tank.shotgunstudio.com failed: File is not a zip file”

then i use command:tank updates ALL tk-maya

the same message

is this a network error(i'm in china) or other error? is there anyway to install apps?

need help ,thanks!


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    Manne Öhrström Official comment

    Hi cktai!

    Do you know what core version you are running? We did some improvements to the downloads in Core v0.18.12. You can see the core version when you run the tank command. Try running tank core to upgrade to the latest core version. If you are still having issues after the core update, try running tank --debug updates ALL tk-maya and email the output to support@shotgunsftware.com and we can take a look!


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    about network:i  had try to use lantern, but the message is the same.

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