RV 2021 Release Notes


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If you’re interested in learning more about RV, please refer to RV User Manual.

If you're looking for more in-depth RV manuals and API, please check out RV Reference Manual.
If you're installing the RV Floating License Server, the installer is here and docs are here.

CAVEATS and KNOWN ISSUES (last updated 28th October, 2020)

As usual we'll update this page, including known issues, throughout the release process, so you can subscribe to this forum thread if you want to get notification of newly discovered issues or additional releases in this series.
  • Please note that Windows executable (.exe) is no longer shipped with RV. Please download the MSI to install RV on Windows. You can double click on it and you'll be taken through the same wizard as exe. MSI can also be used as a headless installer for multi-user installation.
  • Please report bugs or other issues at https://support.shotgunsoftware.com 

SDI Supported SDK Versions

RV Version AJA SDK Version BlackMagic SDK Version


15.5.1 11.5


Version 2021.0.2 (RELEASE - April 7, 2021)


  • New RV command has been added: setSessionFileName(void;string)
    Set the internal .rv file name for the session.
    This does not save a session on disk. This is useful for defaulting the
    File>Save to a location for a file that you wish to overwrite by default.


  • Fix an issue that would cause a RV Network session to goes out of sync when multiple participants were joining.
  • Fix crash on playback with media containing unsupported number of audio tracks
  • Fix slight window size difference when Screening Room is enabled and when it is not.
  • Error import import OpenGL library in RV python console

This error happens because as of MacOS Big Sur, copies of dynamic libraries are no longer present in the file system. This is an issue within python and will be fixed in python 3.9.

To get around this issue for now you can follow the following steps:

1. Close RV and open ctypesloader.py located here:

2. Change the line (line 35 in loadLibrary):
fullName = util.find_library( name )
fullName = '/System/Library/Frameworks/'+name+'.framework/'+name

3. Reopen RV and the issue should be gone.


Version 2021.0.1 (RELEASE - February 2, 2021)


HDR Static Metadata support has been added for Blackmagic Devices

This is how to enabled HDR metadata with the Blackmagic hardware.

Note that we have tried to align with the already existing AJA HDR metadata support as much as possible to uniformize the parameters.

Example values :
redPrimaryX: 0.708000004
redPrimaryY: 0.291999996
greenPrimaryX: 0.170000002
greenPrimaryY: 0.79699999
bluePrimaryX: 0.130999997
bluePrimaryY: 0.0460000001
whitePointX: 0.312700003
whitePointY: 0.328999996
minMasteringLuminance: 0.00499999989
maxMasteringLuminance: 10000.0
maxContentLightLevel: 0.0
maxFrameAverageLightLevel: 0.0
electroOpticalTransferFunction: 2

Expected format (to be entered in the “”Additional Options”" box of the Video preferences panel):


or via env var:

setenv TWK_BLACKMAGIC_HDMI_HDR_METADATA “”0.708000004,0.291999996,0.170000002,0.79699999,0.130999997,0.0460000001,0.312700003,0.328999996,0.00499999989,10000.0,0.0,0.0,2"”

(the types - float vs int - are important!)



  • Resolved an issue where RV could not load an image file sequence along with an audio clip through command-line.
  • Application won’t freeze anymore when drag-and-dropping media as Layer over existing source inside Player.
  • Resolved loading media issue when using Clone Synced RV with two 2 medias in the same source node
  • Resolved issue with rvpush where command arguments were misinterpreted.
  • Fixed support for unicode UCS4 for Linux Python 2
  • Fixed an issue where using “commands.setSourceMedia” API or the “File / Replace Source Media...” menu option, the media was replaced in the Player but the timeline positioner reset itself at frame 19. In previous releases, the clip would be replace properly and the timeline positioner would stay on the “current” frame.
  • Resolved issue where RV Pipeline Group Nodes of the same type were not deterministically ordered.
  • Annotations are no longer missing when created after using undo/redo in screening room
  • Fixed an issue where API call addSourceVerbose() froze RV if more than 1 element was added to its array
  • It is now possible to connect RV to a shotgun site with an URL that contains capital letters
  • Resolved issue when Clone Synced was done twice, it wasn’t re-opening in the same session
  • Better handling of PYTHON* environment variables.
    1. If PYTHONPATH injects conflicting binary libraries in RV, RV behave better.
      Ex: If a user have PySide2 compiled with another python in his PYTHONPATH, RV should not crash.
    2. PYTHONHOME is ignored since RV ships his own Python home.


Version 2021.0.0 (RELEASE - October 28, 2020)


  • Python 3 support, it's currently opt-in via defining the RV_PYTHON3 environment variable. Python version we use is 3.7.6.
  • Shotgun Review for RV is no longer available in this release.
  • Update libboost 1.70
  • Update libssl to 1.1.1


  • Bug fixes related to source loading and playing sources via Python API.
  • Fixed an issue where RV would return an exception when swapping between different source media modes.
  • Fixed the issue where sourceMediaInfo API call was returning incomplete data or outright crashing.
  • Fixed an issue where RV was intermittently playing a corrupted frame when playing back H264-encoded movies.
  • Files with audio can now be loaded from command-line.
  • RV Remote Networking now starts when connected to a proxy.
  • Optimized cases where launching RV’s Screening Room would take several minutes.
  • RV will now stay on the current frame when swapping source media in timeline.
  • No more corruption in RV player when loading several clips on timeline that contains SPS and PPS NALs only at beginning of the stream.
  • Details pane will now show the proper information when working with multiple RV sessions.
  • Fixed the issue where PNG codec was not supported on Windows when playblasting from Maya.
  • RV’s Python errno code values are now consistent with the ones provided by Python.
  • Fixed the issue where RV was taking a long time to start (5+ minutes)RV’s Shotgun
  • Python console is now automatically loaded in the “Tools” menu.
  • Added environment variable to disable RV crash dumps: RV_CRASH_DMP_DISABLE