Games Demo Project Tour

Shotgun ships with a number of demo Projects that we see when we first log in: 

  • A Game demo: comprised of Levels, Assets and Tasks.
  • A couple of Animation demos: includes Sequences, Shots, and Assets. 
  • An Automotive demo: has Assets with Tasks.

Demo projects serve as a good reference for setting up our own projects, so let’s explore. Let’s dive into the Games demo for reference to level and asset based work.


Notice that the top bar stays the same when we move into the context of the project. This global navigation bar allows easy access to everything we need in Shotgun, like reading messages in our inbox, selecting a project, and configuring our user settings.

Below the Demo Project indicator, we can see everything we are tracking, specific to this project, in the project navigation bar.

Remember, this is a game demo project, so it makes sense to track:

  • Levels
  • Assets
  • Tasks

The “Other” dropdown gives options to track more things in this project.

We’ve landed on the Project Dashboard page, which shows us important information relating to this project—like overall Task status, media that needs to be reviewed, Tasks due in the next couple of weeks, and Tasks on Hold, Blocked, or Overdue.

Let’s check out the demo’s Assets. Here, we can see the number of Assets this project has by glancing at the bottom of the page. And we can see that these Assets are Environments, Characters, Weapons, Audio, FX and more—all with a status and Pipeline Steps. This gives us a rollup of where things are in this project.

We can select one Asset to drill in and see more information, like:

  • Activity on this asset
  • Levels the asset is in
  • Other information: such as, the Tasks involved in building this Asset, media, notes, and publishes.

Likewise, we can see all the Levels in this project along with each Asset within these Levels. And, selecting one Level drills in further.

Each Asset and Level in this Project has a set of Tasks. Selecting the Tasks page will show us the full list of Tasks in this project, helping us see our full schedule at a glance and balance our resources. All of these Tasks can be assigned to an Artist and Reviewer and have a start and due date. We can filter to hone in on more information, and see tasks more visually on the gantt.

To get started with our own Project while referencing the demos, let’s create a new project like this one. We can also create new projects from the Projects Page in Shotgun.

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