Introduction to Shotgun for Film and Animation

Shotgun is a secure, powerful data management platform that enables studios to work faster, better, and more efficiently. Trusted by thousands of creatives worldwide, Shotgun is a central hub that unifies production management, the creative process, and pipelines.

Overview of Shotgun

Note: Prefer to watch a video series instead of written guide? If so, check out our Getting Started with Film & Animation Series here.

In this guide, we’ll be prioritizing animation, VFX, and sequence-based work within a Project called "Drednots", and we’ll cover five main areas:

  1. New Site Demo Project Tour: We’ll start with a tour of demo projects shipped with Shotgun. Demo projects function as good reference to setting up our own projects.
  2. Getting Your Project Started: We’ll get started with a new Project and uncover best practices.
  3. Navigating Shotgun: We’ll cover how to navigate Shotgun as a Producer and Manager.
  4. Customizing Pages and Views: We’ll customize pages and views that we can share with our team to keep everyone organized.
  5. Collaborating with your team: We’ll uncover best practices for collaboration so that we’re setting our team up for success.

Since Shotgun is a central hub that unifies production management, the creative process, and pipelines, having an understanding of these questions from the beginning will help us set up Shotgun the right way—keeping it simple. This will ultimately empower our team to be more creative and efficient:

  • “How does our project start?”
  • “What is our workflow?”
  • “How does the data/information come in?”
  • “Who are the key players?”
  • “How will it deliver?”

We recommend signing up for a 30 day free trial so that you can follow along and experiment. Sign up at

Note: You'll get unlimited users and usage during the 30 trial, so feel free to customize your trial site to your needs!

Lastly, we’d love to see you in our Shotgun community! Join discussions with our team and our clients at

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Tutorial Material

If you're interested in following along using the same spreadsheets and thumbnails used in the videos, download these files: