Add People

Adding people to your Shotgun site is the start to a successful collaboration experience. To add people to your site, navigate to the People page via the Global Nav.

People nav

The People page is where you’ll find the details for all of the Users in your studio. From this page, you can add new people to your Shotgun Site and manage existing user accounts. For my Project “Hyperspace Madness,” I need to add my Artists, Supervisors, Managers, and Producers so I can begin the collaboration process.

I’ll fill in a Name, Login, Status, Password, and a Thumbnail for all of the people I add. Let’s start with Astrid, an Animator who will be working on “Hyperspace Madness.”

  1. First, I click to add a New Person.
    Add person
  2. I fill in all the required fields and make sure to specify that Astrid is an Artist in the Permission Group field, then select Create Person.
    Create person
  3. Now that Astrid has been created and can log in to Shotgun, I can upload a thumbnail for her, or wait for her to update her own photo in Account Settings. If I upload one for her, I just click on her Thumbnail field to Upload Thumbnail.
    Upload thumbnail
  4. Astrid can log in to my Shotgun Site and see the “Hyperspace Madness” Project.
  5. I repeat this for all of my Artists, Supervisors, Managers, and Producers, and pretty soon, I have my entire team created in Shotgun.
    People page

From a Project-specific Overview Page and People Page, you can see all the same people information filtered down to just the people assigned to the Project.

People menu

People in Project


Upon creation, the new User will receive an invitation to Shotgun. When the User accepts the invitation, Shotgun will then guide the User through creating a password to gain access to the site.


You can easily activate ("active") and deactivate ("disable") user accounts in Shotgun to control monthly expenses.


You can learn more about the People page in the Admin guide.