Create a Project

Projects can be different things depending on what you’ll be tracking. They can be an animated film, a visual effects job, a game, a season of a show, a television series, or a commercial. In this tutorial, we are going to create an animated short film called “Hyperspace Madness.”

Create a new project

From the Projects page, it's easy to make a new project.

  1. Click on the “+ Project” button.
    Create project
  2. Enter in your project name and choose the Film template to use as the default for your new project.
  3. Select "Create Project."

As an Admin, you can learn more about Project Templates in the Admin Guide.

Customizing your Project Overview

The Project Overview page gives you fast access to all the information you need. You can view your team’s collaboration in “Hyperspace Madness” via the Overview. You can also send notes directly from here to all the people on your project.

Overview page

First, personalize your Project Overview. Hover over the thumbnail to upload a thumbnail for your project. Then, you can select a billboard image (For best results, we suggest a billboard image that is 1440 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall).

Thumbnail and billboard

Managing your projects

Project menu

Shotgun is a platform that fosters many projects and lets users manage many projects. As mentioned earlier, your projects can be many different types (animated films, a visual effects job, a game, a season of a show, television series, commercials, and more!). If you click on projects in the Global Nav bar, you’ll display a list of your current projects.

Hover over each project for easy access to things you're tracking, like Shots and Assets.

Shots in menu

Project templates

As a best practice, it’s best to keep layouts between similar projects consistent. When creating a new project, you can pick a template to use as the default settings for your new project. For our animated project “Hyperspace Madness”, I chose to use the Film template.

Create project

If you have a project layout that you’d like to apply to another project, you can change that project's configuration to another project as an Admin.

You can learn more about project templates in the Admin Guide.

Once you build up your Shotgun site and projects evolve from start to finish, or some become obsolete, you have the option to archive them. Read more about archiving projects.