8.4 Release Notes

Release date: July 9, 2019

Shotgun 8.4 is all about optimizing your workflows.

Using Shotgun Create

You can now launch Shotgun Create via the Shotgun web app.

Open Shotgun Create

Importing data in Shotgun


The Shotgun Importer now supports:

  • Excel files,
  • Ability to drag and drop or copy and paste structured data,
  • Bulk addition of thumbnails to new and existing records, and
  • More flexible field mapping.

The Importer has also been updated so now you:

  • Only see the steps you actually need for adding data,
  • Have the option of going back through steps without losing your progress, and
  • Can continue to import your data even if there are errors (by skipping errors and importing rather than having to start over and fixing everything).

Uploading files directly to Amazon S3

File uploads can now go directly to Amazon S3 for storage, instead of via an intermediate Shotgun server. This change:

  • Guarantees security and file retention, and
  • Improves the overall system performance

For large files or during high load, thumbnails may take a while to appear. In some cases, you may need to refresh the page to display the thumbnails.

API users should consult our developer docs and review any existing code that handles thumbnails.

Additional features

  • Simplified the sign up process for new users. [SG-12663] [SG-12612]


  • Performance improvements to the CSV export when including query field columns. [SG-5215]

Fixed bugs

  • Fix for column summaries not displaying duration fields on Task Templates. [SG-12399]
  • Fix for escaped special characters, such as &, in script keys that caused an API script connection issues. [SG-12098] (Thu July 18, 2019)


  • Performance improvements for some problematic queries. [SG-13015] [SG-13016]

Fixed bug

  • Fix to ensure that "Open in Create" buttons are visible only when applicable. [SG-13130] (Mon July 15, 2019)

Fixed bug

  • Fixed the formatting issues caused by line breaks within cells when pasting data from MS Excel into Chrome. [SG-13146] (Wed July 10, 2019)

Fixed bugs

  • Fix to display the step for updating records in the Importer. [SG-13124]
  • Fix for not being able to loop a single Version in the Client Review Site. [SG-8262]