Introduction to Shotgun for Automotive Design

Welcome to Shotgun for the automotive design studio! Shotgun can help solve key problems with automotive design workflows and help you manage digital assets, the review process and all the teams involved. With Shotgun, we want you to improve design collaboration and manage large amounts of project data.

Workflow Overview Video

Shotgun Users

Which kind of Shotgun user are you? At Autodesk, we recognize that not everyone using Shotgun uses it in the same way or has the same needs. A great starting point for everyone is to learn about Shotgun Best Practices.

To help guide you further, we have organized content into the following categories: Technical DirectorManager, and Artist. For content tailored to your needs, click the category that best describes your role.

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Built for Collaboration

We encourage all teams to review and discuss the documentation and videos as a team to best understand the value and use cases for your department and/or the studio. 


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