Tracking Mocap in Shotgun

We have numerous studios that use Shotgun to track motion capture (mocap) workflows. Mocap setup can vary from studio to studio depending on which part of the mocap process your studio is responsible for. We recommend keeping it simple and only using the entity types required by your specific workflow. Generally, you'd start with the Mocap Take entity at the most basic, and then continue to build a hierarchy between additional mocap entities that make sense for your workflow.

Basic Mocap entity setup

A simple setup of entities could look something like:

Shoot Day: Often linked to Scenes, Performers, Assets to track which were part of each day.

Mocap Setup: Used to track what sets were used, set changes, description of the action, etc. linked to the Shoot Day.

Mocap Take: This is the main entity used to track each take and various information related to it including description, select, ng (no good), Performers, Scene, Shoot Day, Assets.

Performers: These are your actors you can link to each Mocap Take and Shoot Day.

Advanced Mocap entity options

Additional Mocap entities can be used for larger Mocap studios that want to track everything from Cameras to Physical Assets. Below is a full list of the mocap entities available to you in Shotgun, with their default descriptions from the Entities section of the Admin Menu’s Site Preferences.

Shoot Day

Built for mocap studios to track information by the calendar day of a shoot. In theory, this could be used by live action studios as well. When planning for the future, this entity can be used to make "call sheet" like pages. You can link Scenes to a Shoot Day, and therefore all Assets linked to that Scene can be queried (the list of assets needed on set that day). You can also link Performers to Shoot Days to define when they are needed on set. During the shoot, you can link the other mocap entities to the Shoot Day, such as Mocap Takes, Mocap Setups, and Mocap Routines. It is often desirable to know what Shoot Day a Take was captured on.

Mocap Pass

Used by some motion capture studios to organize and schedule parts of the script that will be captured at one time in the mocap volume.


Similar to Mocap Passes, some mocap studios use this to break down the script into logical chunks that will be captured at one time in the mocap volume.

Mocap Setup

Tracks information for each set of mocap takes.

Mocap Take

Tracks data recorded in a mocap session on a group of performers per take. Some studios track a take per Performer, while some track the data for all Performers in the volume at the same time.

Mocap Take Range

A custom entity used by one mocap studio to track specific frame ranges per Take.


Used to track information about the actors in a mocap shoot. You can store information like gender, weight, description, thumbnail, etc. Takes are then linked to the Performer.


Used to track meta data on cameras, most often for mocap workflows.

Physical Asset

Created for mocap studios who need to track physical assets used during a capture, often linked to a digital Asset.