8.1 Release Notes

Release date: February 12, 2019

Shotgun 8.1 has many improvements to make your experience even better.

Additional features

  • Updated the importer to support imported and exported translations. [SG-8654]
  • Added the ability to delete multiple project templates. [SG-9357]
  • Changes to permission rules are now recorded in the event logs. [SG-8470] [SG-10486]
  • The Shotgun Python API and REST API now support parentheses in filenames when using a relative_path. [SG-10049]
  • The version creation add media ‘created successfully’ dialog box now has a light and dark theme. [SG-9499]
  • The legacy two-pane detail view now has a light and dark theme. [SG-9021]
  • Updated row selection checkboxes to align with the look and feel of Shotgun. [SG-8876]
  • Applied a default size to the View All Projects page, in the thumbnail view. [SG-9798]

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue in which adding multiple lines to a filter in a filter popup could prevent the page from being saved. [SG-9007]
  • Enabling the Uniqueness of records (Shot/Asset) now does not evaluate retired and archived items. [SG-2270]
  • Fixed an issue in which import of “All Tasks” failed trying to import to Shots or Assets. [SG-10011]
  • Fix for displaying two-factor authentication codes for new users. [SG-10085]
  • Fix for copying an internal version link for a version in the Media page. [SG-6144]
  • Fix to ensure custom page bricks are not copied when pushing project configurations. [SG-8125]
  • Fix to remove the ability that allowed adding the Overview brick twice to the navigation bar. [SG-7708]
  • Removed the old Markdown Textile support. [SG-5722]
  • Fixed an issue with the result titles in search results being transparent. [SG-9966]
  • Resolved an issue with column headers disappearing when scrolling pages with large amounts of data on Firefox and Safari browsers. [SG-7425]
  • Fixed styling issue for the Review Notes app summary email. [SG-9596]
  • Fixed an issue in which a white box would appear when mousing over the Configure Crew Planning Actions in the dark theme. [SG-9702]
  • Fixed a rendering issue when uploading or replacing thumbnails for sites with direct upload to S3 activated. [SG-10238]
  • Fix to ensure thumbnails work correctly for sites with “Direct upload to S3” enabled. [SG-10399] [SG-10234]
  • Improved the REST API upload, including changing the ‘upload’ link to always be a full URL and changing the S3 multi-part upload next URL key. [SG-9222]
  • Corrected translations of items in the Organize Statuses tab, seen when configuring the Shotgun Create panel. [SG-9505]