1.2 Release Notes

What's new?

We are excited to release v1.2 of our integrations. This release includes a whole new desktop v2 engine which runs inside of the new Shotgun Create application, updates to the publisher app, as well as a number of improved features and bug fixes.

Desktop v2 engine

Our configurations have been updated to include a new Desktop v2 engine. The Desktop v2 Engine is the engine which runs inside of the Shotgun Create application. It handles DCC launching from Shotgun Create, as well as from the Shotgun web application via browser integration. You can read more about this new engine here.

Publisher updates

Introduced the publish_user property on items. The new publish_user property on publish items can be used to override the user resolution logic from sgtk.util.register_publish. One use for this would be on a render farm to register a publish with the user who submitted the job and not the script user running the job. You can read more about this new property here.

Additional features

  • Allowed support for launching folders from a `PublishedFile` entity. It will attempt to open the folder and highlight the file. [SG-6302]
  • Added the external configuration management API in the shotgunutils framework. It contains classes and methods for doing inspection of external environments. [SG-9253]

Fixed bugs

  • There was a regression introduced in tk-core v0.18.158 where tank validate command no longer worked. This fix ensures tank validate command is working as expected. [SG-9978]
  • There was an issue in the publish2 app that prevented templates to be serialized. This fix ensures that templates can be successfully serialized. [SG-9679]




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