Shotgun Create for Admins

Shotgun Create is built for artists and reviewers, but it also benefits Shotgun Admins by providing a review toolset that works off-the-shelf and connects to Shotgun and the creative apps in your pipeline.

The Desktop2 Engine is the engine which runs inside of the Shotgun Create Application. It handles creative apps launching from Shotgun Create, as well as from the Shotgun web application via browser integration. As an admin, you can even expose your custom app launchers within Create.

Where to adjust settings

Administrator settings for Shotgun Create can be found by clicking the gear menu in Manage Apps via the Apps menu when accessing Shotgun from a browser.


Enabling automatic updates

The best way to keep up to date with the latest Shotgun Create release is to enable automatic updates. When enabled, a quick restart of Shotgun Create is all you need to update.


Automatic updates are disabled by default, as we need your consent to update Shotgun Create. We highly encourage you enable automatic updates, as we’ll be releasing updates on a frequent basis and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

If automatic updates are not enabled, Shotgun Create users will see a notification when a new release is available with the option to download on demand.

Configuring My Tasks

Use the settings in My Tasks to prepare your artists for success in Shotgun Create.

Organize statuses: configure custom task statuses for Shotgun Create

Shotgun Create groups tasks into three tabs—Upcoming, Active, and Done—based on their task status. As Shotgun supports a nearly endless number of statuses, you may need give this area a little attention. We’ve already defined what group any default Task statuses should be in, but you’ll need to do so for any custom statuses, so they appear in Shotgun Create.


Change sort order of My Tasks

By default, My Tasks is sorted by Due Date, but you can choose a more appropriate field for your team's workflow to appear on each Task (including Linked Fields), and dictate the sort order.


Changing this field also affects the display of the field on My Reviews, but not the sorting.

Configure time logs

If your workflow includes time logs for artists, you can enable it here, so that artists are asked to log time whenever they send a new version in Shotgun Create. You can also choose to add custom fields to the time log form in Shotgun Create, and customize the order of the fields.


Configuring My Reviews

To optimize My Reviews for your studio’s workflow, you might want to adjust these settings.

Set version status for My Reviews

My Reviews looks for any Tasks with Pending Review versions on them. If your site does not use Pending Review as the default version status, you might want to change this.


Set version status for reviewing versions

When reviewers leave a Note on a Task, we will automatically set the version status(es) to Viewed. If your site does not use Viewed to represent a version being reviewed, you might want to change this.


Set default task status for 'Done'

When reviewers want to mark a Task as complete, we will give a faster option to set the Task to this status so they don’t have to open the menu of all statuses.


Configuring Task View

To quickly see relevant information about their work in Shotgun Create, artists and reviewers can click on the (i) icon to open the info panel.

The information that shows up in the Info Panel can be configured. In the Artists' info section, select the fields you’d like your artists and reviewers to see.


Managing reviewers on a task

Adding a reviewer to a task is easy within Shotgun Create. Click on the avatars on the upper right and select the reviewers from a list.

Don’t worry if a task doesn’t have a reviewer—when artists submit new versions on Tasks without reviewers, they will be asked to select one.

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