8.0 Release Notes

Release date: December 4, 2018

Shotgun 8.0 makes it easier to find the information you care about and work in both light and dark environments. Additionally, Shotgun Create, which will ultimately be a complete desktop experience for artists and reviewers, is now available as a beta.

Dark theme

Dark theme

For artists and others who work in a predominantly dark environment, Shotgun now has the ability to switch between a default (light) theme and a dark theme.

Light theme

The button to switch themes is in the header, so you don’t have to dig through menus or preferences to go from dark to light (and back again).

Visual design

Review page

Shotgun now has a more modern look, with some changes to improve clarity and consistency across the product and better promote the information you care about. We’ve made a conscious effort to keep things in the same place so it remains familiar, instead focusing on color, typography, and icons. We hope you like the changes, but please do give us your feedback about what you like (or don’t)!

Shotgun Create

Shotgun Create

The Shotgun Create beta is available for download via the Apps Menu. Shotgun Create will be a complete desktop experience for both artists and reviewers.

The initial release makes it easy to see exactly what tasks or reviews demand your attention while providing a collaborative environment to review media and exchange feedback. In the coming months, we’ll continue to improve the experience. Participating in the beta early and sharing your feedback on how we can make it even better is the best way to influence the direction of Shotgun Create to suit your needs.

Autodesk Terms of Use

With Shotgun 8.0, you must now accept the Autodesk Terms of Use the first time you log in. This aligns Shotgun web service end user terms with other Autodesk products and services.

Terms of use

Additional features

  • The “Manage Apps” page has been redesigned to include download buttons and make it clearer how to configure individual apps. [SG-8607] [SG-8603] [SG-9101]
    Manage Apps page
  • Deactivated apps are no longer displayed in the “Apps” menu. They will, however, still be displayed on the “Manage Apps” page. [SG-4657]
  • The “View All Projects” page has been reverted to a standard Shotgun page that can be customized and filtered like other pages. [SG-8717]
    Projects page
  • The “New Project…” dialog has been reverted from a multi-step form to a single-step one (the option to use the advanced project creation form has also been restored). [SG-8497]
    Project form
  • Projects can no longer be sent to the trash, but it’s still possible to archive them (projects can still be deleted via the API). [SG-3602] [SG-9357].
  • Custom pages can now be removed from the project navigation. [SG-7923]
  • Thumbnails on Tasks now by default display the “Latest Associated Version or Note” option. [SG-9051]
  • The introduction screen that is shown to new users has been updated. [SG-8719]

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue where using advanced grouping with a date field set as “clustered” would cause an error. [SG-5780]
  • Fixed an issue so notes added on the Client Review Site properly link to their associated Task. [SG-6137]
  • Fix for misaligned status icons. [SG-6155]
  • Fixed an issue with note fields getting deleted unexpectedly when editing them in a Firefox browser. [SG-6460]
  • Fixed an issue in which graphs would show more decimal places than expected when summarizing a sum. [SG-8819]
  • Fixed a situation in which it was not possible to “show source data” for some graphs. [SG-9073]
  • Fixed an issue so only one small window opens when using Okta. [SG-8915] Jan 30, 2019)


  • Fixed an issue in which some checkboxes are invisible for permission groups who do not have permission to edit them. [SG-10584] (Mon Jan 28, 2019)

Fixed bugs

  • Fix for setting a sub-Folder in “Save Page As…”. Previously it would not return results for autocompleting the field. [SG-10344]
  • Fix to ensure the email notifier continued to work, even when emails failed to send when attempting to send emails to non-existent users. [SG-10501]
  • Fix to display the checkbox in query based thumbnail fields using checkbox fields. [SG-10241]
  • Removed redundant scrollbars from the Review Notes App on Firefox. [SG-9921]
  • The pages dropdown menu now has highlighting across the full width of the dropdown. [SG-10034]
  • Fixed an issue in which when choosing a white cell format background, the white color was not getting applied. [SG-10028]
  • Fix to ensure new text added to the project navigation bar does not overlap with existing text. [SG-9669]
  • The project navigation page now has a dark theme. [SG-9509]
  • Fix to display the proper theme for the favorites icon. [SG-10198] [SG-10075]
  • Fixed an issue in which the lock icon of a playlist was not visible in the light theme. [SG-9938]
  • Fixed a problem where the Shotgun logo was too dark on the media page in the light theme. [SG-10033]
  • Inverted the background colors on threaded entity pages in the light theme. [SG-9919]
  • Fix to properly display error messages that occur during login when in the light theme. [SG-9993]
  • Page Column Summaries are now displayed with bold text. [SG-9603]
  • Fixed an issue in which the project navigation page was improperly displaying as a page footer. [SG-8917] (Tue Jan 22, 2019)

Fixed bugs

  • Fix for xml-rpc errors that could occur during RV playback. [SG-10435]
  • Fix for emails containing Unicode not being delivered. [SG-10438] (Mon Jan 21, 2019)

Fixed bug

  • Fixed an issue that caused a 500 error for some sites. [SG-10376] (Tues Jan 14, 2019)


  • Security update to core technologies. (Mon Dec 17, 2018)

Fixed bug

  • Fixed a regression that prevented transcoding jobs that took longer than 15 minutes from completing. [SG-10007] (Wed Dec 12, 2018)

Fixed bug

  • Fixed a problem in which no information was displayed in the Screening Room for RV Detail Pane when viewing a version. [SG-10044] (Wed Dec 12, 2018)

Fixed bugs

  • Fixes and improvements to the Shotgun dark theme. [SG-9510] [SG-9876] [SG-9915] [SG-9446] [SG-9534] [SG-9548] [SG-9592] [SG-9971]
  • Fixed styling issues in Shotgun. [SG-9899] [SG-9500] [SG-9478] [SG-8960] [SG-9388] [SG-9555] [SG-9578] [SG-9633] [SG-9699] [SG-9454] [SG-9911] [SG-9565]
  • Fixed an issue in which it was not possible to graph and group by a linked entity field. [SG-9922]
  • Fix to prevent an error by removing the ability to delete the default project tab. [SG-9906]
  • Fix to properly display thumbnails of a linked entity on Tasks. [SG-9440]
  • Fix to ensure annotations and attachments in notes and replies are properly displayed. [SG-8651] [SG-8652]
  • Improvements to IP allowlist. [SG-9298]
  • Improvements to the Shotgun login process. [SG-7903] [SG-9380] [SG-9594] [SG-9838] [SG-9840] [SG-8735] (Thu Dec 6, 2018)


  • Improvements to the Shotgun UI. [SG-9883]