Shotgun Create Release Notes

Introducing Shotgun Create

Available for the first time in Shotgun 8, Shotgun Create combines many of the review tools studios love in Shotgun – including the ability to view high-res media in RV, browse the latest shots in the Media App, and give clear feedback – into a single cloud-connected desktop experience for artists. The first version of Shotgun Create makes it easier for artists and reviewers to see exactly which tasks demand their attention while providing a collaborative environment to review media and exchange feedback.

We update Shotgun Create frequently (approximately every two weeks). Join the discussion at our Shotgun Create forum.

If you’re interested in learning more about Shotgun Create, check out the User Guide here.

Important Installation Information

With the release of Shotgun version on April 16, 2019, you can now download and install Shotgun Create locally from your Shotgun Account Center site.


Build #2021.06.008 - June 7, 2021

Rebranding and new account management

ShotGrid Create may require a new installation

If you haven't updated to the Create version from May 31, 2021, you will unfortunately have to install ShotGrid Create from scratch, since some changes from the previous version are required for auto-update to work. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Want to know more?

For everything about ShotGrid rebranding and new account management, please see the Shotgun 8.26 release notes !

Sequential Media View

We're happy to introduce a new workflow in Create allowing users to load sequential media around the version they're viewing for a more effective review!

New Multi-Clip Timeline

The new multi-clip timeline now supports play ranges and zoom to ranges. It also introduces a new visualisation of media when in Playlists and Cuts mode.


Media Selection and Filtering

It is now possible to select a Cut, sequence, or any other grouping entity to review the version in context. The filtering by Pipeline Steps and Status options are there to change the current representation of the timeline content.

Version Override Menus

Finally, we offer ways to pin a specific version to be as flexible as possible in the representation of the media.


Want to know more?

Documentation about Sequential Media View in Create will be available later this week which will go deeper into all the possibilities!

Bug fixes

  • [Compare] Entering Compare mode is properly providing user feedback while loading. [SG-21944]
  • [Player] Playback in Playlist mode no longer skips one of the segments anymore. [SG-20157]
  • [Player] Playlist with only one version loops correctly. [SG-20809]
  • [Player] Consistent FPS for both playlist and individual clips are displayed. [SG-20808]
  • [Playlists] Major performance improvements in Playlists board. [SG-21948]
  • [Playlists] Player is not displaying anymore on Playlist board when entering a playlist. [SG-21711]
  • [Playlists] When entering the Playlist View before the thumbnails have finished loading, users are no longer kicked back to the Playlist Board. [SG-19901]
  • [Task View] Newly created version now properly shows in Version Swapping menu. [SG-21505]


Build #2021.05.007 - May 31, 2021



Build #2021.04.008 - April 21, 2021

Fixed bugs

  • [General] Fixes a bug where Shotgun Create could not be started on OSX High Sierra.


Build #2021.04.001 - April 8, 2021


  • [General] Improvements to infrastructure to better and more reliably update Create.


Build #2021.03.004 - March 11, 2021


  • [FFMPEG] We are updating our transcoding stack to make use of a newer version of FFMPEG (4.2.1) for performance and optimizations. This is rolling out live to sites starting this week. This should fix some “off by one” errors we are seeing in the transcode. With this update of Create, we are fixing errors that might occur with that new transcoding stack where there is a repeated first frame.
  • [macOS Big Sur] This version of Create has been tested on macOS Big Sur for Intel.

Fixed bugs

  • [Player] Fix: MacOS cannot upload Photoshop files in Shotgun Create.


Build #2021.02.010 - February 11, 2021


  • [General] Improved the loading of media previews.
  • [General] Version Switcher arrows have been replaced by new Version Swap Menu in the Player Header to allow for easier navigation between versions.


Build #2021.01.002 - January 7, 2021


  • [Toolkit] Shotgun Create toolkit config is now up to date with the latest Shotgun Integration. This update includes the changes done from v1.3.15 to v1.3.17. You can refer to the toolkit release notes page for more precise information.
  • [General] Switching from using the support email alias to pointing to the Shotgun support site

Fixed bugs

  • [Toolkit] Fixes a bug to make “Open in Associated Application” work with SG Create.


Build #2020.11.012 - November 26, 2020


  • [My Tasks] We have improved the My Tasks UI performance. The project search should be more responsive when there are a lot of tasks on the board.

Fixed bugs

  • [Conversation Stream] If the Conversation Stream contains a version from a deleted user, it now shows the stream properly.
  • [Player] Jog now properly respects the loop mode. The playback doesn’t restart from the beginning when reaching end of the timeline anymore when loop mode is set to OFF.
  • [Player] Playback in the playlist view no longer skips a segment when the versions have different frame rates.
  • [Toolkit] We have fixed an issue where our actions caching was being invalidated when application is launched with Python 3.


Build #2020.11.004 - November 11, 2020


  • [Toolkit] Shotgun Create toolkit config is now up to date with the latest Shotgun Integration. This update includes the changes done from v1.3.12 to v1.3.15. You can refer to the toolkit release notes page for more precise information. 

Fixed bugs

  • [General] The application no longer freezes for minutes when signing out.
  • [Conversation Stream] Many automatic scrolling issues are fixed in Conversation Stream:
    • Creating a new version
    • Creating a new note with annotations
    • Creating a new text only note and preventing the new note overlapping with the previous note
    • Entering a task scrolls to the latest created version or note


Build #2020.10.026 - October 28, 2020


  • [General] The number of frames displayed in the filmstrip has been increased.

Fixed bugs

  • [Task View] Notes created from an existing note in Compare mode are successfully sent.
  • [Task View] Creating a version with "&" special character in the name is now properly supported.


Build #2020.09.006 - September 10, 2020

Fixed bugs

  • [General] Shotgun Create no longer opens off screen if the previous screen resolution was larger.
  • [My Reviews] When entering from My Review, Tasks without a parent entity no longer have an empty breadcrumb and info panel.
  • [Player] Player’s loading spinner no longer appears when jogging backward.
  • [Player] Media loads even if file path or file name contains “@” or “#” characters.
  • [Task View] Creating a text-only note while in compare mode no longer creates a note with media.


Build #2020.08.015 - August 20, 2020


  • [General] New Shortcuts popup accessible through the user menu, or via [ / ].
  • [Task View] When creating notes, the Note Type field is now displayed in the Conversation Stream and the Player Header if the setting has been enabled on the web.

Fixed bugs

  • [Screen Recording] Notes created from a freshly created Screen Recorded version are now reloading correctly.
  • [Task View] Text is now selectable in Conversation Stream.


Build #2020.07.021 - July 23, 2020

Fixed bugs

  • [General] Fixed an issue where media wasn’t accessible if the certificate revocation check failed because of a strict network configuration rule.
  • [Player] OS Path Translation for local media set in the “File Management” section of Shotgun’s Site Preferences is now detected and set properly within Create.
  • [Playlists] Playlist board no longer crashes when a version in a playlist has no artist assigned.
  • [Task View] Improved performance on popup message when discarding a draft note.
  • [Toolkit] Launching tools like Maya and Nuke in quick succession no longer triggers an error.


Build #2020.07.004 - July 10, 2020


  • [General] The minimal Shotgun version has been changed to If the version is not supported, an error message will be displayed on the login screen.
  • [Task View] Clicking on Review starts a note on the underlying version instead on the note currently being viewed.
  • [General] New “Open in Browser” option under the More button [...]:
    • In the Task View
    • On task rows in My Reviews
    • On playlist rows in Playlists (also in contextual menu)
    • In the Playlist View
    • On versions in the Conversation Stream (contextual menu only)
  • [General] New “Play in RV” option under the More button [...]:
    • On playlist rows in Playlists (also in contextual menu)
    • In the Playlist View
    • On versions in the Conversation Stream (contextual menu only)


Build #2020.06.028 - June 16, 2020


  • [General] The minimal Shotgun version has been changed to If the version is not supported, an error message will be displayed on the login screen.
  • [Playlists] Search returns now display the full Playlist card, providing all the relevant information users need to quickly identify their targeted Playlist.
  • [My Tasks] New “Open in Browser” option under the More button [...] on task cards in My Tasks.
  • [Task View] Conversation stream loading performance has been improved.

Fixed bugs

  • [Player] The problem preventing users seeing media in the Player on Windows is fixed.
  • [Player] Audio is now working again on Linux.
  • [Player] User experience when using jog is now the same on all monitor resolutions.
  • [Task View] Performance improvements when exiting Task Views with very long Timelines.


[ Reverted ] Build #2020.05.051 - May 27, 2020

Fixed bugs

  • [Playlists] Version name and status are now displayed in player header during playback.
  • [Release] Create builds are now properly uploaded to Account Center.
  • [Task View] When a reviewer group is assigned to a task, the ‘’Mark all versions as ...‘’ option is now available in the More menu.
  • [Toolkit] Fixed a security issue in Toolkit integration.
  • [Toolkit] Shotgun Toolkit browser integration will no longer ask for the user credentials if logged in using SSO.


Build #2020.05.011 - May 6, 2020


  • [Playlists] Playlists are a core part of any review experience, and they’re now available in Shotgun Create. It’s never been easier to quickly browse any playlist on your site, or filter to show only the playlists related to you, so you can immediately jump into your reviews.
  • [Image Sequences] It’s now possible to override and disable the file sequence auto-detect behavior.

    To disable this, set the following environment variable to true:

Fixed bugs

  • [Activity Stream] Create now shows the proper user name for ClientUser’s notes in the Activity Stream.
  • [My Tasks] Gray filter on thumbnails on Tasks without any version works properly on every types of parent entity. (Assets, Shots, etc)
  • [Toolkit] When there is no action possible in the “Open in...” menu, it now displays “No action available”.


Build #2020.04.028 - April 17, 2020

Fixed bugs

  • [Player] In draft Compare mode, modifying A side version doesn't discard the draft anymore. [SG-16996]
  • [Player] No more infinite spinner when entering Compare with a version created in the current session. [SG-16115]
  • [Task View] When modifying reviewers on a note with the same ID as the task, the UI no longer crashes. [SG-16715]


Build #2020.04.007 - April 2, 2020

Fixed bug

  • [Player] Application is not crashing anymore when entering a task on some Intel GPU drivers. We have seen this appear on some Microsoft Surface devices as well as other machines with integrated GPUs. [SG-16113]


Build #2020.03.066 - March 27, 2020

Fixed bug

  • [Player] Fixed a crash when drawing or viewing annotated frames. [SG-16860]


Build #2020.03.063 - March 27, 2020

Fixed bugs

  • [My Tasks] The default sort order of My Task is now Ascending in Upcoming and Active tabs. [SG-16398]
  • [Player] Fixed application crashes importing some image file sequence. (.gif, .bmp, .dds) [SG-16139]
  • [General] Fixed an issue with Proxy setting propagation across the app components. [SG-16402]
  • [Toolkit] Fixed an issue where some users were unable to launch a DCC after Create gets auto-updated. [SG-16460]


Build #2020.03.019 - March 11, 2020

Fixed bugs

  • [Login] Login to Create no longer fails because of certificate revocation checks. [SG-16401]
  • [My Reviews] Create no longer hangs on My Reviews, when the Pending Review status has been modified in 'Manage Apps' in the Web UI. [SG-16446]
  • [Player] Application no longer crashes when streaming media on Linux. [SG-16119]
  • [Toolkit] Now able to launch apps/DCCs from an actions menu with a sub-folder. [SG-16461]


Build #2020.02.062 - February 26, 2020


  • [General] If you’re looking at any view with ‘All Projects’ selected, we now specify on every card or row what project this item belongs to. [VMR-2563]
  • [Task View] New draft management dialog in Task View. [VMR-2517]
    You will now be asked if you want to Keep or Discard an in progress draft when you:
    • Click on another Version or Note in the Conversation
    • Use hotkeys to change the current Version or switches to a Note
    • Exit Task View when:
      • Clicking Back button
      • Exiting the application
      • “Open in Create” from the web changes the current View or Version
  • [Task View] New conversation stream design with a more compact layout and larger media previews. [VMR-2620]
  • [Toolkit] When you have an empty Task, you’ll have an easier option for opening this Task in the creative application of your choice, such as Maya. [VMR-2456]
  • [Toolkit] New “quick launch” button in the Task View navigation bar relaunches the previously launched creative application. Useful for opening an app like Maya as a reviewer to do technical analysis. [VMR-2456]

Fixed bugs

  • [Installation] Linux: Read permissions are now set for non-root users, so Create can read the library file on startup. [VMR-2979]
  • [Toolkit] Toolkit actions no longer get the wrong context when using the recent menu items from different contexts. [VMR-2765]
  • [Toolkit] Toolkit will now remember which action you prefer per Task. [VMR-2456]


Build #2020.02.030 - February 13, 2020

Fixed bug

  • [General] Fix a crash on startup when connecting to new version of Shotgun. [VMR-2970]


Build #2020.02.026 - February 12, 2020


  • [Player] Apple ProRes and DNxHR are now supported in Create. [VMR-2651]
  • [Player] Variable frame rate is now supported in Create. [VMR-2844]
  • [Player] Improved performances when loading media in draft mode. [VMR-2841]
  • [Send for Review] Send for Review introduces a new workflow between Maya/Photoshop and Shotgun Create. You can now send playblast or image as a draft to Shotgun Create, which put Create in version draft mode, where you can submit a review. [VMR-2289]
    For more info, please refer to Shotgun Integration 1.3 Release Notes  
  • [Screen Record] Visual improvements to the Screen Record UI. [VMR-2624]

Fixed bugs

  • [General] Disabled users show as "Retired user" in Create, as if they have been retired or trashed. [VMR-2706]
  • [General] SGC_NETWORK_PROXY setting is not applied to the login page. [VMR-2889]
  • [My Tasks] Task with no project will stop Create from loading. [VMR-2774]
  • [Player] Top and right hand panel flyouts very aggressive, makes it difficult to click the full screen toggle. [VMR-2798]
  • [Player] Creating a new version in an empty task makes the Timeline unusable. [VMR-2784]
  • [Player] Player randomly shows a black screen when loading media. [VMR-2853]
  • [Player] File sequence parsing can make the application crash. [VMR-2893]
  • [Player] When Player controls are hidden, player control hotkeys are not working anymore. [VMR-2830]
  • [Player] Player's spinner appears too often if no playback has been performed.[VMR-2920]
  • [Player] Enable/Disable loop during playback stops it. [VMR-2778]
  • [Screen Record] Single click on selecting region breaks Record or Capture flows. [VMR-2381]


Build #2019.12.020 - December 11, 2019


  • [Screen Record] Add quality management capability to Screen Record and set default format to 1920x1080, 30fps. [SGC-1327]

Fixed bug

  • [Screen Record] Screenshot resolution is not good when having 2 monitors. [VMR-2793]


Build #2019.12.001 - December 3, 2019

Fixed bug

  • [Toolkit] Shotgun integration is broken in Maya. [VMR-2831]


Build #2019.11.049 - December 3, 2019

Fixed bugs

  • [Toolkit] Photoshop integration is broken. [VMR-2796]
  • [Toolkit] “Open In Shotgun Create” brings user to an empty project state when launched from Shotgun “My Tasks” page. [VMR-2785]


Build #2019.11.033 - November 20, 2019


  • [Screen Record] Audio is now supported in screen record. [VMR-2297]
    • Ability to enable/disable audio recording
    • Visual indicator of audio being recorded
  • [Timeline] New Loop button available in the Timeline. [VMR-2616]

Fixed bugs

  • [Compare] Compare UI is broken when entering Compare mode from a draft version. [VMR-2759]
  • [General] Task status flyout menu has no scrollbar. [VMR-1890]
  • [My Tasks] Resizing the application in Task board eventually crashes the UI. [VMR-2596]
  • [Player] Annotated frame cue mark is shifting when changing the file sequence’s FPS. [VMR-2711]
  • [Screen Record] UI gets black using the Screen Record on Windows. [VMR-2642]
  • [Screen Record] Could get error: “Had Trouble loading the media” when recording. [VMR-2671]
  • [Task View] UI crash may happens when manipulating scroll bars. [VMR-2636]


Build #2019.10.074 - October 29, 2019


  • [File Sequences] It is now possible to modify the source FPS to a custom value while creating a version. [VMR-2392]
  • [Compare] It’s now possible to compare two pieces of media while in draft mode. [VMR-2009]

Fixed bugs

  • [Annotations] Annotation responsiveness decreases over time. [VMR-1718]
  • [Open in DCC] “Open in...” doesn’t work anymore after Create version gets updated with Auto-update ON. [VMR-2704]
  • [Task View] Application crashes when selecting certain tasks with missing metadata.[VMR-2702]
  • [Task View] Getting “Something went wrong” when clicking on a task with missing info. [VMR-2673]
  • [Task View] Pending notes/versions should have a placeholder image as their thumbnail. [VMR-2667]
  • [My Tasks] Users get “It looks like you’re not a member of any Projects” error on login even if they are part of a project. [VMR-2639]
  • [My Tasks] Task’s unread status (blue dot) is not displayed anymore. [VMR-2701]
  • [My Tasks] Tasks without a version should have their thumbnail greyed out. [VMR-2658]
  • [Surface support] On a Surface, the app sometimes crashes when scrolling in the Task Board and in Conversation while images are loading. [VMR-2656]
  • [Player] Media representation option is not properly applied in Compare mode. [VMR-2677]
  • [Player] Player Initial state is not preserved when toggling from full-screen mode to normal. [VMR-1975]
  • [Login] Can’t login back after the session has expired. [VMR-2665]
  • [Login] Getting “Invalid site error” message after a connection time out. [VMR-2515]
  • [Login] Typing in the Site URL field after using wrong credentials throws a login error window. [VMR-1791]
  • [Compare] Latest compare mode is not kept anymore. [VMR-2283]
  • [Fullscreen] Addressed multiple issues related to fullscreen mode. [VMR-2267]
    • Fullscreen button was missing in Compare mode
    • Annotation bar was not properly hidden in fullscreen mode
    • Some flyout menus sometimes remaining visible in fullscreen mode
    • Improve UI usability with the Wacom Tablet
  • [Localization] Application ignores the user language settings. [VMR-2010]
  • [General] Application gets frozen when running while computer get into sleep mode. [VMR-1645]
  • [File Sequences] If a file sequence has special characters in its name, it won’t be possible to open it. [SGC-1209]


Build #2019.10.018 - October 7, 2019


  • [Thumbnails] Filmstrips are now integrated in Create and have a new algorithm that prioritizes frames with annotations. This means you always see the most important frames when you scrub directly in the image thumbnail everywhere in the application. [VMR-1473]
  • [Audio] Audio can be heard on scrub. [VMR-505]
  • [Screen Capture] Better feedback to user in the screen capture UI. A countdown and a red pulse have been added. [VMR-2365]
  • [Annotations] Performance improvement during playback on frames with annotations. [SGC-1289]

Fixed bugs

  • [File sequence] On Mac, file sequences are now loading properly. [VMR-2598]
  • [Annotations] Toggling Hold/Ghost settings doesn't stop the playback anymore. [VMR-2675]
  • [Task view] Info panel UI is not crashing anymore when it needs to display fields using a checkbox. [VMR-2538]


Build #2019.09.032 - September 25, 2019


  • [Annotations] When reviewing motion, it’s now possible to ghost annotations on other frames, so you can tell which are in the past and which are in the future, so Reviewers can draw their creative feedback as accurately as possible. [VMR-2352]
  • [Annotations] Reviewers who are reviewing motion are now able to hold an annotation until the next annotation to accurately convey the creative feedback for a clip. [VMR-2351]
  • [Task View] Performance improvements when gathering data and creating versions and notes. [VMR-1261]

Fixed bugs

  • [Login hardening] Application will not login anymore if it can't make requests to the server. [VMR-2595]
  • [Media representation] For a file sequence version not beginning by frame 1, when you open Create to show the "Movie" source path of that version, you will see repeated frames. [VMR-2558]


Build #2019.09.004 - September 6, 2019


  • [Release Vehicule] Info panel is now localized. [Requires Shotgun]. [VMR-1630]
  • [General] Update Qt version to 5.12.4 on Windows to address many issues. [VMR-2265]

    - Cannot input Japanese/Chinese/Korean text in Create
    - Display artifacts when using app at large size on hi dpi monitors
    - Support shift-Tab in login window to navigate back through fields


Build #2019.08.061 - August 23, 2019


  • Screen capture and recording is now available for Linux in Shotgun Create when creating a Version (previously only available on Windows and Mac), allowing you to quickly grab content from your creative app or game engine, and begin discussing your work, without leaving Create. [VMR-1827]
  • Application automatically gets downloaded and installed in the background when Auto-Update is enabled. This option can be found in Shotgun’s Manage Apps settings for Shotgun Create. [VMR-2419]

Fixed bugs

  • [Task View] Image stays in player after cancelling version creation on empty canvas. [VMR-2132]
  • [Screen Record] Windows only: Unable to record full screen of second monitor if scale is not 100%. [VMR-2391]
  • [User menu] "Give us feedback" now refers to the Shotgun feedback community forum: [VMR-2518]


Build #2019.08.031 - August 13, 2019


  • A new option is available in the User menu that allows to see the intro tours on demand. [VMR-1472]
  • Application folder opens at the end of the installation. [VMR-509]

Fixed bugs

  • No more UI crash if site has users with multiple spaces back to back in their names. [VMR-2462]
  • The drop zone in My Tasks is displayed only under the task that is hovered with media. [VMR-1032]
  • Player zoom to the point where the cursor is clicked. [VMR-2292]
  • + Version button now open the browser if no version exists on the task. [VMR-1809]
  • Automatic login is working properly. [VMR-2321]
  • Proxy configuration is now honored on Shotgun Create's Shotgun requests. Allows users with strict proxy to login. [VMR-2464]
  • Login hardening. [VMR-2459]
  • Screen recording menu is not closing anymore when user double clicks on it. [VMR-2442]
  • Version status badge is reverted properly to the previous value if Draft is cancelled. [VMR-2261]
  • Application is not black anymore at startup when seeing the Intro Tour. [VMR-1795]


Build #2019.07.098 - July 25, 2019


  • Screen capture and recording is now available for Mac in Shotgun Create when creating a Version (previously only available on Windows), allowing you to quickly grab content from your creative app or game engine, and begin discussing your work, without leaving Create. [VMR-2388]
  • Screen Record workflow improvements. [VMR-509]
  • Performance improvement in My Reviews. [VMR-2410]
  • Continued improvements to the download performance of the Create installer. [VMR-2380]
  • Empty states are now providing more help on how to get data into My Tasks and My Reviews. [VMR-2144]
  • Performance improvements during playback of media with annotations. [SGC-1158]

Fixed bugs

  • It's now possible to change the status of a version even if the version currently has no status. [VMR-2220]
  • Text-only reviews no longer create a thumbnail. [VMR-1767]
  • Notes now have a description in Create when they are not linked to any Version. [VMR-2401]
  • The More menu on Task cards in My Tasks now only appears when you hover over the card. [VMR-2353]
  • Short names on task cards now do not have spaces in their names removed. [VMR-1774]
  • Cancelling a draft while in Compare mode doesn't reset the view to Single any more. [VMR-1980]
  • Media submitted to Create now correctly populates Path to Frames (along with Path to Movie, with the proper permissions) for file sequences, and Path to Movie for movie files. [VMR-1617]
  • It's now possible to annotate files at Version creation with a name starting with a very high number. [VMR-1712]
  • Navigation using hotkeys is now working between notes created in Compare mode. [VMR-1971]
  • Notes with annotated frames now always upload the file to the server. [VMR-2383]
  • The FPS value is now properly read from media uploaded to Shotgun. [SGC-1200]

Build #2019.07.059 - July 18, 2019


  • Performance improvements in My Reviews. [VMR-2263]
  • When launching your creative apps from Create, if you have multiple configurations set up, the active configuration is displayed first, and inactive configurations are displayed in sub-menus. [VMR-1608]

Fixed bugs

  • Task names are not displayed in My Reviews. [VMR-2355]
  • Breadcrumb text does not support middle truncation. [VMR-1639]
  • No updates in My Reviews when changing status of a task. [VMR-2356]
  • Shotgun Create for local installs of Shotgun cannot launch any creative apps through Create. [VMR-2364]
  • Incorrect thumbnails displayed in My Reviews. [VMR-2354]
  • Any Version created has the "path_to_frame" field set, even if a movie is uploaded. [VMR-2316]
  • Sending notes or attachments from Create won't update the Activity pages of the Version or Task on Shotgun Web. [VMR-2372]
  • Cannot submit time log from Task View if it was accessed from My Reviews. [VMR-2374]
  • If a file sequence has special characters in its name, it won't be possible to open it. [SGC-1209]
  • If a file sequence has only its padding as a name, it won't be possible to upload it as a Version to Shotgun. [SGC-1202]
  • Compare Wipe division line should apply an angular mask on both sources. [SGC-1219]

Build #2019.07.028 - July 10, 2019

Note: Shotgun release (July 9, 2019) includes the following Shotgun Create-related updates:

  • In multiple locations within the Shotgun web app, you can now launch Shotgun Create:

    An Open in Shotgun Create button appears on the My Tasks page.

    You can also select Open in Shotgun Create when right-clicking Tasks or Versions linked to Tasks.

    In the Media app, you can right-click on media, and choose Play in Shotgun Create. You can also choose Shotgun Create as the default Player.

  • Admins can now include Linked Fields when determining the sort order of My Tasks, in Manage Apps via the Apps menu when accessing Shotgun from a browser.


This release also features new and improved Shotgun Create installers. [VMR-2178]

When a new version of Shotgun Create is available, a message appears, and you can click to download:


Once the download is completed, click to install:


Create closes and the install begins. Once the install is completed, you can restart Create.

Build #2019.07.020 - July 8, 2019


  • Screen capture and recording is now available in Shotgun Create when creating a Version (Windows only at this time), allowing you to quickly grab content from your creative app or game engine, and begin discussing your work, without leaving Create. [VMR-2204 VMR-2284]
    ScreenRecord_Create.png   screenrecord_area.png
  • Entering time in the time log now matches the same freeform entry workflow as Shotgun. [VMR-2238]
  • Image sequences are now supported on Versions and notes. [VMR-2248]
  • Performance improvements in My Reviews. [VMR-2239]

Fixed bugs

  • Uploaded file sequence will always have a FPS rate of 24 in Shotgun. [VMR-2307 VMR-2324]
  • Status is invalid in the Player header during review if the status is unchanged due to admin settings. [VMR-2298]
  • Not having the rights to edit a Version status should not prevent viewing the Version status. [VMR-2218]
  • Some entity fields are not following the default date formatting. [VMR-2085]
  • In some cases, the Player doesn't initialize in Create. [VMR-2320]
  • Users with a Radeon Pro Vega graphics card cannot start Create. [VMR-2326]
  • In Wipe Compare mode, A and B sources are inverted by default. [VMR2109]
  • Card sorting based on custom fields doesn't refresh automatically. [SGC-1212]

Build #2019.06.082 - June 21, 2019


  • You can now add time logs from My Tasks. [VMR-1990]
  • New and improved Shotgun Create installers for local installs of Shotgun. [VMR-2173 VMR-2176]
  • Tooltips added for Annotation and Compare UI (more tooltips to come in future releases). [VMR-2200]

Fixed bugs

  • Latest version description no longer appears on My Reviews. [VMR-2278]
  • Create UI is fully black if set to fullscreen at login. Navigation bar is missing if set to fullscreen after login. [VMR-2268]
  • Custom fields added to the task view don't get displayed if not initialized with a value. [VMR-2286]
  • Hiding annotation visiblity does not work. [VMR-2226]
  • UI crash when dragging and dropping media that is not supported in the Player, on a task in My Tasks. [VMR-1832]
  • Create may freeze randomly due to deadlocks. [VMR-2295]

Build #2019.06.057 - June 14, 2019

Note: Shotgun release (Tues June 11, 2019) includes the following Shotgun Create-related updates:


  • Added the ability to configure how Shotgun Create should manage Version statuses when reviewing workflows via the MY REVIEWS tab, with recommended defaults. Includes: [SG-12605] [VMR-1910]
    • Which Tasks (by status) Shotgun Create will flag as needing Review.
    • How to toggle Version statuses when a reviewer leaves a Note on a Task from within Shotgun Create.
    • Which Task status should signify “Done” within the context of your reviewing workflow.
      Added the ability to configure Time Log fields via the MY TASKS tab of the Shotgun Create configuration dialog. [SG-12117]

Fixed bug

  • Fixed an issue to ensure changing the ordering of fields in ARTISTS’ INFO does not disable the entity name and description. [SG-12667]


  • To take advantage of your monitor's size for reviews, you can now use Shotgun Create in fullscreen mode. Use the new fullscreen button to enter or exit fullscreen mode. You can also choose to show or hide the side panel and player controls in the ... menu. [VMR-1805]

    Fullscreen button FullScreen Shortcuts.png

  • Updates to time logs:
    • Shotgun site preferences are used to display Time Log on Create version. [VMR-2202]
    • Support of decimal entry for time logs. [VMR-2249]

Fixed bugs

  • Duration Fields are not respecting Site Preferences for Scheduling. [VMR-1808]
  • Excessive "Restart to update" messages may appear. [VMR-2104]
  • Changing frame rate field of a version causes the Player to slip the clip and repeat first/last frames. [VMR-2232]
  • Mac: User session reboots while working in Create on NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. [VMR-2257]
  • Task View loads infinitely after submitting a couple of Versions, while CPU spikes. [VMR-2239]
  • Loading a Version in the Player uses 100% of the available CPU of the workstation, causing crashes, lags, and freezes. [VMR-2207]

Build #2019.06.023 - June 7, 2019

We have made a new Create build available just two days after the last one to address some important fixes:

  • Time logs units need to be displayed in hours instead of being tied to Site Preferences. [VMR-2233]
  • UI crashes when clicking on the main element of a sub-menu. [VMR-2140]
  • Strange artifacts when using Create at large size on a HiDPI monitor. [VMR-1517]
  • Having upper case letter(s) in the site URL prevents logging in to Create. [VMR-2227]
  • UI is unusable if current project is switched while the Task Board is loading. [VMR-1945]

Build #2019.06.012 - June 5, 2019


  • Artists in Create can now log time spent on tasks. Select Add time log from the ... menu, then fill in the time log details. [VMR-2203]

    timelog menu timelog

  • In My Reviews, you can now select multiple tasks at once and mark them as reviewed together. [VMR-2084]
  • In Compare mode, title bars are now responsive during window resize. [VMR-1929]

Fixed bugs

  • Versions uploaded via SG Submit Tool display with incorrect aspect ratio. [VMR-2155]
  • "Path to Frame" ratio is not good compared to the same file created as a new Version. [VMR-2066]
  • Can't input text in some fields in Create. [VMR-2158]
  • Create crashes when entering Task View or Player shows black. [VMR-2156]
  • Annotation visual affordance in timeline is broken for web-based attachments. [VMR-2041]
  • Conversation stream UI may crash on Windows systems. [VMR-2090]
  • Create may crash when loading an unsupported media type. [VMR-2195]
  • Compare mode fails to load on the first Version of a Task. [VMR-2107]

Build #2019.05.054 - May 23, 2019


  • In your Task View, you now have a new compare mode: Wipe. When in Wipe mode, you can alter the angle and position of the division line. [VMR-1676]
  • You can now mark all versions as viewed, in the Task View menu or My Reviews. [VMR-2048 VMR-1355]
  • Reviewers (with the proper permissions) can now edit Version statuses from My Reviews. [VMR-1847]
  • Demo projects are now displayed in the Project List. [VMR-1856]
  • For better visual clarity, the reviewer avatars have been removed from My Tasks. [VMR-1956]
  • Various visual Updates to the timeline UI. [VMR-2031]

Fixed bugs

  • Can't collapse the Task Card sections in the Task board. [VMR-1811]
  • After replacing media, wrong version is sent to server. [VMR-2148]
  • Task status change is lost if you are not directly assigned to the task. [VMR-1887]
  • Creative apps are duplicated in the app menu list. [VMR-2022]
  • The + Version button is disabled in Compare mode. [VMR-1997]
  • Add reviewers popup prevents sending a version. [VMR-2049]
  • Display of priority fields on task cards is incorrect. [VMR-2095]

Build #2019.05.017 - May 9, 2019


  • You can now choose how your media is played back in Shotgun Create. This can be useful to change depending on the resolution of the media, and the speed of your machine. A default can be set in the Preferences, but you can always switch to any available format in the Player controls. [VMR-1959]

    media_prefs.png media_switch.png

  • You can change the priority order of tasks based on your own custom criteria. Your administrator can set this up in the Shotgun Apps menu. [VMR-1815]

    PrioriryOrderSorting.png Sort_Priority.png

  • Version drafts now show a default Version status. [VMR-1846]
  • Reviewers (with the proper permissions) can now edit Task statuses from My Reviews. [VMR-1844]
  • Version naming and display is now clearer. [VMR-1352]
  • Performance has been optimized when loading My Tasks and My Reviews. [VMR-2023]

Fixed bugs

  • The install auto update may not complete properly if you open Create before application version is swapped out. [VMR-1822]
  • Install auto update is not triggered on login when it should. [VMR-1915]
  • Auto-login requires you to press the Continue button at startup. [VMR-1907]
  • The download of a new version of Create is not always triggered properly. [VMR-2060]
  • No feedback when loading a Compare composition that requires time to load. [VMR-1983]
  • A Download Create message appears, even if Auto Update is enabled. [VMR-2059]
  • Task status change menu is not available and status field missing from info panel. [VMR-1933]

Build #2019.04.071 - April 26, 2019


  • In addition to editing task statuses, you can now edit version statuses from the Task View and info panel (with the proper permissions). Click the status icon to see a list of available statuses. [VMR-1845]

    Version_status2.png Version_status1.png

  • When annotating, you can now undo and redo a Clear Strokes or Clear All Strokes operation. [VMR-1926]
  • Uncatergorized statuses do not appear in My Reviews. [VMR-1946]
  • Performance improvement: Create should not wait on background requests. [VMR-1965]
  • Installation of Create should be smoother with many improvements added. [VMR-1703/1704/1772/1798]

Fixed bugs

  • Annotation markers are not removed after stroke undo when no strokes remain. [VMR-1906]
  • The height of the Status flyout displays too much content at once. [VMR-1944]
  • Launching creative apps through the app list does not always work. [VMR-2011]
  • You may see a "not assigned to any projects" message at login, even if you are assigned to projects. [VMR-1115]
  • When creating multiple versions, the same media is uploaded for every version. [VMR-2019]

Build #2019.04.042 - April 11, 2019


  • In your Task View, you now have the ability to compare and annotate two versions of a task, using various modes (Side by Side, Opacity, and Difference). [VMR-1676]
    Compare modes
  • You can now clear strokes while annotating in a Review. [VMR-391]
    Clear annotation strokes
  • Switching media (such as switching Versions) is now more seamless. [VMR-1863]
  • On a Windows system, the console app is now visible for troubleshooting. [VMR-1865]

Fixed bugs

  • UI crash when entering a task with a status that is not in the status list. [VMR-1927]
  • Shotgun Create Beta console is visible when launching Create. [VMR-1913]
  • Infinite spinner in Player when dragging media onto a task card. [VMR-1909]
  • On a Windows system, streamed .mp4 media fails to load in the Player. [VMR-1786]
  • The [h] hotkey should hide/show annotations created from Shotgun web. [VMR-1751]

Build #2019.03.051 - March 27, 2019


  • We now confirm that you want to mark Versions as viewed when sending a note as a reviewer. If you decide not to, this task will stay on My Reviews' Pending Review tab. [VMR-1468]
    Mark versions as viewed

Fixed bugs

  • Application hardening for sites with a large number of users. [VMR-1908]
  • Fix to create Versions even if the user doesn’t have permissions to modify the Version’s status. [VMR-1902]
  • Fix to display the full name of Tasks and entity statuses in the Info Panel. [VMR-1888]
  • Fix to ensure the task board displays for users without a project who log in. [VMR-1812]

Build #2019.03.038 - March 15, 2019


  • You can now edit task statuses from the Task View and info panel (with the proper permissions). Click the status icon to see a list of available statuses. [VMR-1726]

    status task view status info panel

Fixed bugs

  • Black screen appears after logging in to Create. [VMR-1858]
  • Random failures when querying more than 500 entities (projects, users, etc). [SGC-1120]
  • Login error doesn't specify the required Shotgun version. [VMR-1792]
  • Transient note UI never updates when creating at the same time as the version. [VMR-1850]
  • Error when right-clicking to see the creative apps list. [VMR-1765]
  • Changing the status name breaks review workflow. [VMR-1707]
  • The login page refreshes while entering the credentials after a logout. [VMR-1549]
  • Status automation is not working (versions stay in Pending Review). [VMR-1905]

Build #2019.03.020 - March 12, 2019


  • You can now select All Projects from the Projects menu, giving you the ability to see tasks from all projects in My Tasks and My Reviews. [VMR-1675]
    All Projects
  • Performance improvement when switching between versions and notes in the Task view. [VMR-1559]
  • New Help links in the User menu. [VMR-1471]
  • Markdown text rendering is now supported for text fields. Click here for more information about markdown in Shotgun. [VMR-1466]

    markdown example 1 markdown example 2

    NOTE: This markdown feature was previously available in Shotgun Create, but was accidentally omitted from these Release Notes.

Fixed bugs

  • Zoom/Pan stops working during playback when reaching the end of the timeline with loop on. [VMR-1864]
  • UI Crash if you switch to My Reviews while My Tasks is loading. [VMR-1801]
  • Due date display on auto-update is wrong on the Task card. [VMR-1780]


Build #2019.02.048 - February 26, 2019


  • It's now easier to launch your creative apps from My Tasks or the Task view - just hover over the icon to quickly see the app list. [VMR-1120]

    launch1.png launch2.png

  • The current frame number is preserved when switching between versions and notes. [VMR-1730]
  • Performance improvements by adjusting the frequency of polling and invalidation in My Tasks and My Reviews. [VMR-1668]

Fixed bugs

  • Upload fails when file name contains unicode, when not using direct-to-S3 upload. [VMR-1671]


Build #2019.02.026 - February 11, 2019

NOTE: This build is compatible with the Shotgun release. It is recommended to upgrade, as older versions of Shotgun Create may not work as expected with Shotgun


  • Improved installation process on Windows systems. [VMR-1681]
  • Improved error message when an attachment fails to upload. [VMR-1662]
  • Performance optimizations when loading the communication stream. [VMR-1649]
  • Performance improvements for Task view, Users, Projects, Status, and Groups. [VMR-1667 and VMR-1669]
  • Improvements to the look and messaging in empty canvas screens. [VMR-1131]

Fixed bugs

  • Crash performing an action that modifies the Shotgun database, if a note was submitted previously by another user. [VMR-1742]
  • The status badge near the breadcrumb doesn't auto-update in the Task view. [VMR-1054]
  • An Annotation stroke may become stuck after mouse release. [VMR-1578]
  • On the login screen, the Shotgun site URL validation is done too often. [VMR-1553]
  • Learn More link for empty My Reviews should go to the Shotgun Create for Reviewers Help topic. [VMR-1635]


Build #2019.01.053 (Linux/Mac) 2019.01.054 (Windows) - February 4, 2019

NOTE: The issue preventing the last build to be released on Linux has been fixed, and a Linux build is now available.


  • Player device pixel ratio is now adapted for high-resolution monitors. [VMR-796]
  • Display of a pending post thumbnail in the conversation stream while a version gets created. [VMR-1276]
  • Avoid display of unrelated tooltips. [VMR-829]
  • Harmonized font size across the application. [VMR-1663]

Fixed bugs

  • Cannot load or upload PNG files on Linux systems. [VMR-1698]
  • The activity stream is not scrolling to the new note/version after creation. [VMR-1638]
  • Info panel status is hard-coded to green instead of the status color. [VMR-1627]
  • Infinite spinner when opening a version's note with invalid metadata. [VMR-1603]
  • Info Panel text sticks to the bottom instead of the top. [VMR-1584]
  • Files with special characters are not properly downloaded on Windows systems. [VMR-1211]
  • Tasks with notes but without versions stuck at Loading. [VMR-998]
  • A buffering icon always appears while scrubbing media. [VMR-1208]
  • Crash on exit if thumbnails are still downloading. [VMR-1599]
  • Thumbnail, filmstrip, and annotated frames are not uploaded if the generation of one of them fails. [VMR-1686]

Build #2019.01.021 (January 18, 2019)

NOTE: We’re facing an issue with our current Linux build. When it is available, it will be released, and these Release Notes will be updated.


  • New pending state for Notes in the Conversation, while they get created. [VMR-1182]
    • Thumbnail placeholder
    • Text notes
    • All attachments
  • Drawing improvements [VMR-389]
    • New size ranges for brushes
    • New default sizes for brushes
    • Pressure sensitivity applied on tablet strokes for pen brush
  • Improved scaling of the application across monitors and scaling ranges. [VMR-1134]
  • Updated QT to the newly released patched version. [VMR-1589]

Fixed bugs

  • On version creation, "Sent to X, Y, and Z" notification dismisses too fast. [VMR-1465]
  • Attachments can not be downloaded from a Conversation. [VMR-1650]
  • Sending a text-only note while a new version is still in draft mode sends the version as an attachment to the note. [VMR-1614]
  • Some links are not working in the About box. [VMR-1582]
  • Resizing the application may eventually crash the UI. [VMR-1565]
  • Clicking outside of the Terms of Services window logs you out. [VMR-1554]
  • Unable to dismiss some pop-up messages by clicking the X to close. [VMR-1401]
  • Cannot restart playback if Loop was set to OFF during playback. [VMR-1190]
  • Linux and Mac: Create installation gets stuck at "Running package scripts" [VMR-1591]

Build #2018.13.062 (December 14, 2018)


  • Optimized uploads of media to Shotgun. [VMR-491]
  • Various performance improvements in the interaction with the conversation stream, in the task view. [VMR-1580]
  • Implemented colors for task statuses. [VMR-965]

    Create Status Colors

Fixed bugs

  • Projects with custom statuses are not picked up in Create. [VMR-1606]
  • Project search only searches through the top 6 latest accessed projects. [VMR-1604]
  • Resizing window while loading stops the spinner and the Viewer goes black. [VMR-1590]
  • When switching users, My Reviews displays unbundled versions in My Tasks UI. [VMR-1564]
  • Version number and "New note on vN..." might return different version numbers if orphan notes are published. [VMR-1537]
  • The Shotgun login popup window should be an "always on top" window until the user closes it or successfully logs in. [VMR-1532]
  • "Update available" never displays in the User menu after the app has updated. [VMR-1493]
  • The text box and attachments at the bottom of the Conversation stream are out of the screen. [VMR-1396]
  • Should not be possible to Zoom/Pan in the UI using the trackpad on MAC. [VMR-1383]

Build #2018.13.022 (December 4, 2018)

Last-minute notes

  • On Linux machines, only NVIDIA GPU cards are supported.
  • On OSX, GPU acceleration is disabled.
  • You are unable to switch audio devices during playback.