7.12 Release Notes

Release date: October 9, 2018

Shotgun 7.12 comes with new features to make graphing better and faster, more options for calculated fields, full support for Shotgun in multiple languages, and performance optimization for query fields.

Production Insights

With Shotgun 7.12, you can now create time series, status history, and burndown charts.

Use the new “Timeline” sorting mode to graph based on any date or date_time field.

Graphing timeline mode

You also now have the ability to graph status changes over time and see the progression. And you can create burndown charts to display how much work is left to do over a period of time.

graph status widget

Calculated fields

Calculated fields now have the ability to convert numbers to durations and to apply simple arithmetic functions to durations. Additionally, you can convert durations to weeks, days, hours, and minutes.

durations calculated fields

Language support

Thank you to everyone who participated in our beta for multiple language support. This feature is now out of beta and fully supported, so you can set your language preference for Shotgun in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

language support


Additional features

  • Thumbnails now have a single entity field called Image Source, which allows you to quickly access the source of a thumbnail image. [SG-8326]

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue in which archiving projects could break default details pages. [SG-2258]
  • Fixed an issue to ensure that the option to “ensure unique values per project” on fields does not consider case sensitivity for uniqueness. [SG-6804]
  • Fix for custom pages with quotes renamed to “Overview” when dragged up to the navigation bar in the project navigation page. [SG-8471]
  • Fix to ensure navigating to newly configured entity connection pages through the projects menu works properly. [SG-7875]
  • Fixed an issue in which “alt” and left clicking on a Task group header would not collapse the Task groups. [SG-7724]
  • Fixed an issue on the Task query field. [SG-3692]
  • Fix for the exporter so it exports entities even if there is an empty step column present or when attempting to export pivot fields in summaries mode. [SG-8765] [SG-8591]
  • Fixed an issue in which widget title fields were not clearing properly. [SG-8686]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented configuring widgets when designing canvas pages. [SG-8680]
  • Optimized performance of editing graphs. [SG-8581]
  • Fix to correctly display data when creating pie graphs. [SG-8269]
  • Fixed an issue in which graph titles where not displaying correctly in languages other than English. [SG-7271]
  • Fix to ensure that each time an entity is deleted or revived, its Updated At value is incremented with the date of the deletion or revival. This fix ensures that entities are easier to find on the Trash page. [SG-8265]
  • Fix to ensure the Shotgun REST API search endpoint validates array request bodies and raises the right status error. [SG-7774] (Mon Nov 19, 2018)


  • General service improvements. [SG-9052] (Tues Nov 6, 2018)


  • It is now possible to configure the SAML’s SP Entity ID (also known as the issuer or audience restriction) for Shotgun’s Single Sign-On (SSO). The default value is https://SITE_URL/saml/metadata, and can the ‘issuer’ value can be changed under the ‘service_provider’ section.

Fixed bugs

  • Fix to ensure the “coercing to unicode” error no longer shows up on page loads. [SG-4611] (Tues Oct 23, 2018)

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue to ensure retiring fields being used in a query field works as intended. [SG-2293]
  • Fixed a situation in which field widgets containing “notes” fields could become corrupted. [SG-8504]
  • Fixed an issue to ensure changing the resulting data type in a calculated field displays to correct data type. [SG-8555]
  • Fixed an error that occurred when trying to close the shortcut keys in Screening Room, the Overlay Player, and the Client Review Site. [SG-8534]
  • Fixed a situation to ensure graphs with a grouping of “none” display the correct tooltip information when hovering over the graph. [SG-8268]
  • Fixed an issue to ensure the time period buttons of an historical graph are functional in a Safari browser. [SG-8813]
  • Fix to correctly align the “Outline” option checkbox and text in widget options. [SG-8808]