7.11 Release Notes

Release date: August 21, 2018

Shotgun 7.11 has a slew of features to make it easier for you to work better and faster. Features include updates to calculated fields, support for Shotgun in Korean, a more streamlined experience for graphing, and more identity providers for Single Sign On (SSO).

Calculated fields

Calculated fields is now officially out of beta! You can now calculate arithmetic and string functions, convert between types, and graph on a calculated field. Try it out, or learn more in our article, Calculated fields.

Calculated fields graph

Language support

The Shotgun Web App is now available in Korean. Language support is currently in beta, and also includes Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

If you would like to gain access to the Korean private beta, please contact shotgun.korea.info@autodesk.com.

Production Insights

Creating graphs for your reports is now easier than ever. If you want to share your graphs outside of Shotgun, you can now export them as images, .pdf, .csv, or .json files, or print them.

Additionally, the graph widget editor has been updated to give you a more streamlined experience.

Streamlined graph editor


SSO is now available for anyone using Shotgun with Super Awesome support and one of the following identity providers: Ping Identity, OneLogin, ADFS, Azure ADFS and Okta.


Additional features

  • Script Application keys have a new, more secure creation process. [SG-4092]
    Script application key
  • Admins now have more control over the “Use Admin Options” section of the Permissions page. [SG-4069]
    Admin options
  • Each project in Shotgun can now have its own unique new entity form. [SG-6782]
    Entity form
  • List and checkbox fields now support specified default values. [SG-6808]
  • Users can now Middle Click (Command + Click on iOS) on global search results to open a new tab. [SG-6800]

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue to ensure the “Cancel” and “Save” buttons on widgets stayed in their proper position. [SG-7920]
  • Fixed an issue where creating a custom Task page from a Shot or Assets detail page did not filter for only Tasks related to that Shot or Asset. [SG-7912]
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to create a Shot based on a Task Template that had invalid conditions. [SG-7731]
  • Fixed an error that occurred when importing Tasks and Pipeline Step fields were empty. [SG-6752]
  • Fixed an issue where invalid row formatting rules caused pages to fail to load. [SG-6253]
  • Fixed an issue where renaming entity fields on connection entities creates malformed reverse fields. The configurability of single entity fields dynamically created by Shotgun to support a dynamic multi-entity field (and only those) is now restricted to the display name only. [SG-7580]
  • Fixed an issue where permission groups that had modified “from” or “to” status permissions could not bulk edit a bubbled field. [SG-6890]
  • Fixed an issue that caused grouping on float and footage fields by tens, hundreds, and thousands to crash Shotgun. [SG-2713]
  • Fixed an issue where “Saving page as” did not keep any values in Tags. [SG-2241]
  • Fixed an issue in which some calculated fields calculations caused rounding errors. [SG-7882]
  • Fixed an issue to correctly show a summary sum on calculated fields. [SG-4788]
  • Fixed an issue in which changing the entity type from Task to Phase when creating a graph caused errors. [SG-7818]
  • Fixed a bug that left some thumbnailed annotation files on the local file server after being transferred to the cloud. [SG-7564]
  • Fixed an issue to correctly translate the project tab in the Client Review Site in Japanese. [SG-6746]
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly set Event Log Date Creation values for events related to the viewing and unviewing of Versions. [SG-6127]
  • Improved security for uploading links. [SG-7954]
  • Fixed a bug with schema_field_read that didn’t show which fields and statuses were hidden when passing in a project_entity value and querying for the entire entity in the Shotgun API. [SG-4613]
  • Fixed an issue to ensure new valid_types are added correctly when trying to update valid_types of a single entity via the REST API. [SG-7108]
  • Fixed an issue to ensure that REST API endpoints that rely on entity IDs return 404 response codes, instead of 400 response codes, when valid non-existent IDs are passed in. [SG-7058]
  • Fixed the REST API routes so they return a 404 status instead of 400 when a resources does not exist. [SG-6874]
  • Fixed a bug in the REST API that sent back 500 errors in cases where the sort parameter was invalid, so now all such requests send back 400 statuses. [SG-7054] (Wed Sept 19, 2018)


  • Optimized design elements of Shotgun. [SG-8084]

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue to correctly justify text in the bodies of Notes. [SG-8325]
  • Fix to prevent page filters from being deleted and including the correct project filter condition when reverting the view to “global default” in another project. [SG-8208] [SG-8209]
  • Updated the warning message about deleting a Pipeline Step to reflect the fact that the step can be retrieved from the trash if necessary. [SG-8206]
  • Improved security for emails sent from Shotgun. [SG-8131]
  • Fixed an issue to ensure hot keys in the Review Notes app work as expected. [SG-3547] (Mon Sept 10, 2018)

Fixed bugs

  • Minor performance fix. [SG-8485] (Thur Sept 6, 2018)

Features / Polish

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue to display formatting rules on fields as expected if a user does not have permission to see those fields. [SG-2281]
  • Fixed an issue to add a search string in a filter by copying and pasting the string. [SG-2201]
  • Fixed an issue to collapse widget settings. [SG-8117]
  • Fixed an issue to remove unusable options on Pipeline steps. [SG-6428]
  • Fixed an issue to link existing Shotgun accounts with SSO credentials. [SG-7790]
  • Fixed an issue to save reconfigured Admin permissions. [SG-8186]
  • Fixed an issue to ensure all graphs display correctly. [SG-8348]
  • Regenerated all existing REST API refresh tokens, which invalidates all existing refresh tokens. [SG-8189] (Tues Aug 28, 2018)

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue to correctly launch URIs in the File/Link field. [SG-8362]
  • Fixed a condition in graphs affecting users on Windows. [SG-8347] (Tues Aug 28, 2018)

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue to properly display and open custom URIs (not HTTP or HTTPS) in the File/Link field. [SG-8282]
  • Fixed issues with the Review Notes app to ensure layouts are saved, Tasks correctly link to Notes, and Note fields are consistent. [SG-8267] (Fri Aug 24, 2018)


  • General service improvements. [SG-8149]