7.10 Release Notes

Release date: June 26, 2018

Shotgun 7.10 offers new features to give you more flexibility in your workflow. New features include a new option for storing media, more functions for calculated fields, and updates to the REST API.

Media storage

Sao Paulo, Brazil, is now an option for storing your media. This new location for uploaded files means faster downloads and page loads for South American studios.

Calculated fields

Calculated fields now have more power and flexibility, with the ability to filter and use new string functions.

You can use the following string functions:

  • LEFT: Returns part of the string from the beginning of the specified string
  • RIGHT: Returns part of the string from the end of the specified string
  • MID: Returns part of the string, taken from a segment of the string
  • LEN: Length of a string

These new functions can be used with CONCAT to do string manipulation, as seen in the example below:

Calculated fields

Rest API

Shotgun’s REST API now has more endpoints. This update just about brings the REST API into feature parity with Shotgun’s Python API. Read our updated documentation at http://developer.shotgunsoftware.com/rest-api.

Fixed bugs

  • Calculated fields containing other calculated fields will now correctly identify the proper output format based on the data type of the incoming calculated field. [SG-6284]
  • The Shotgun API can now group and summarize on calculated fields. [SG-6216]
  • Fix for search matches on Filter types for Entities on the Fields page. [SG-6807]
  • Shotgun now allows for quick filtering on a page of numbers greater than 2147483647. [SG-3908]
  • Custom filtering on Duration fields will now accept an “empty” search criteria. [SG-3564]
  • It is now possible to create a query field on a “Connection Entity” that returns a single record. [SG-2271]
  • Markdown now correctly renders on text fields on detail pages, in the “Info” tab. [SG-5735]
  • Labels on bars of bar graphs involving negative values are now displayed in a more aesthetically pleasing way. [SG-6833]
  • Graphs now show fields that have been left blank as having a “blank” value. [SG-6829]
  • Totals labels in stacked graphs now display without overlapping scroll bars. Additionally, totals labels are no longer shown when stacked graphs are set to the “100%” option. [SG-5439]
  • Updated translations in the Shotgun web app. [SG-5397], [SG-5396], [SG-5395], [SG-4166] (Tues July 10, 2018)

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a bug that prohibited graphing a linked entity with a number as a name. [SG-7224]
  • Fix to show details on RV Desktop Media Player and Shotgun Desktop apps under the “Manage App” page. [SG-2423]
  • Improved page navigation performance for sites with hundreds of projects. [SG-7367]
  • Fixed a potentially slow migration for local install clients. [SG-7358]