7.9 Release Notes

Release date: May 15, 2018

Shotgun 7.9 comes new features for tracking and scheduling, calculated fields, Production Insights, and the Rest API.

Tracking and scheduling

You can now provide meaningful descriptions of how your fields are used in the context of your pipeline, by adding a custom tooltip. You can use this to provide descriptions for your custom entities.


Write a description for any field you add to a page. Your description will then appear as a tooltip on the page.


Calculated fields

Calculated fields now offers formula validation, which highlights errors to help you create and edit your formulas.

Calculated field

You’ll also see an orange warning if there’s a potential inconsistency in your selected output format.


Additionally, you can now see the type of each field in the “Available Fields” section.


Finally, you can now hover over the column header of a calculated field to see the formula.

Calculated tooltip

Production Insights

Graphs can now be sorted by Status Order or Pipeline Step Order, making it easier to see your statuses or steps in context.

Graph by status order

Rest API

Shotgun’s new Rest API is now available to anyone who wants to use it. With the REST API you can access Shotgun from any programming language, allowing integration from almost any type of environment. Read our documentation at https://developer.shotgunsoftware.com/rest-api/.

Additional features

  • Any users created via the Shotgun API or a .csv import now receive a welcome email. [SG-4090]
  • All emails sent from the Client Review Site now appear as a conversation thread in Outlook, instead of as separate messages. [SG-4093]

Fixed bugs

  • Fix to make sure that if a user doesn’t have the permission to ‘Edit default and project work schedules’ set, they can only edit custom work schedules, rather than global edits which would affect everybody. [SG-5435]
  • Fix to enable changing the default Pipeline Step short codes between upper and lower case as required. [SG-4224]
  • Fix to ensure notes without a subject in the Open Notes Column do not export via the exporter. [SG-3501]
  • Fix for pivot column field on Tickets and CustomThreaded entities that showed a blank screen when trying to edit them. [SG-3385]
  • Fix to disable importing and duplicating Pipeline Steps. [SG-2218] (Thu May 24, 2018)


  • Fix for users with a quote character in their name / username / email, which was causing a JavaScript error at login. [SG-6541] (Fri May 18, 2018)


  • Fixed an issue where the Task Upstream and Downstream dependency fields became uneditable. [SG-6652] (Tue May 15, 2018)


  • Fix for Welcome Emails being erroneously sent to users when fields on the HumanUser entity were being updated via the API. [SG-6631]