Infrastructure changes impacting IP Whitelisting


On Monday, April 16, 2018, we will deploy minor infrastructure changes that will improve Shotgun security. While unlikely, these changes could have an impact on our hosted users using IP Whitelisting.

Only sites on Super Awesome support with IP Whitelisting activated will possibly be affected.

What is changing

We are putting in place additional measures to prevent IP Forgery. Under specific conditions, it is possible that IPs previously allowed in your IP Whitelisting preferences, will no longer reach our application back-end. This change will disable site access for users coming from those IPs.

How can I know if my studio will be impacted?

Find out the IP under which your end users are showing up. This can be done by asking your end users the result from this page: Double check the IPs are in your Whitelist IP Addresses field in Site Preferences page.

If you are unable to fix the issue for any reason, please reach out to Shotgun Support. We will help you.




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