Developer Training: Toolkit

Updated: 2018/3/30

Welcome to the second Shotgun Learning series—focused on developing for Toolkit. In this series, we'll cover topics like modifying and managing your configuration, Storages, Filesystems, and the SGTK API.

These videos build on concepts covered in the Developer Training - Shotgun series. If you haven't watched them yet, check them out first.

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Developer Training Course Playlist 


Developer Training Videos 

1: Installing and Managing Cloud Configurations (60m)

Toolkit integrations Apps, Engines, and Frameworks are made available by the presence of a Toolkit Pipeline Configuration. In this video you’ll learn how to take control of the Configuration—how to lock it down to a specific version, how to make changes to it in a version-controlled environment, like GitHub or Perforce, and how to distribute those changes to artists working in your studio and artists working remotely. We’ll start by riffing off the “basic” Toolkit configuration, and move on to our “default2" configuration, which references advanced file management tools. We’ll also touch briefly on Toolkit App, Engine, and Framework creation and management.


4:11 - Managing software versions
6:21 - Which software versions should I lock?
10:32 - Installing and distributing Shotgun Desktop
13:05 - Should I lock the basic configuration?
15:00 - Locking the basic config version
18:27 - Managing config versions
21:03 - Taking over the config
22:53 - Version control
27:26 - The development environment
28:59 - Automatically updating apps, engines, and frameworks
35:40 - Manually editing the config
39:21 - Managing custom apps, engines, and frameworks
42:15 - tk-config-default2
47:27 - Taking over tk-config-default2
53:59 - tk-config-basic vs tk-config-default2
56:05 - Install strategy pros and cons

Supplemental Material
Example of way to control Chrome versions
Example of way to control Firefox versions
Shotgun Desktop release notes (can subscribe)
Configuring software launching preferences
Setting global env vars on macos
... & on windows
Descriptor types
How to lock cloud config versions
Integrations release notes
tk installation docs
Using environment variables to control behavior
Additional details on using environment variables to control behavior
A script to help distribute a bundle cache in tricky situations
Info about plugin ids

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    Johnny Duguid

    Be sure to Follow Updates (by clicking the button just above and to the right of this comment) to receive notifications when new or updated content is posted.

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    Satish Goda

    This is awesome :) Thank you folks for putting this together. Looking forward to more such in-depth videos.


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