7.8 Release Notes

Release Date: March 27, 2018

Shotgun 7.8 has a host of new features to make it easier for you to focus on your work. This includes a beta for calculated fields, Single-Sign On (SSO) capabilities, a beta for our new REST API, and more security.

Calculated fields

Calculated fields is now in beta! With this new type of field, you can do simple arithmetic and string functions.

Note: The calculated field feature will be enabled in a tiered fashion - all sites will have this feature enabled by April 9th.

Calcualted fields

You can also sort, group, or summarize on a calculated field, and you can graph on a calculated field.

Graph on calculated field

Language support

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our limited private beta for multiple language support. This feature is now in public beta, so you can set your language preference for Shotgun in either English, Japanese, or Simplified Chinese.



For those on Super Awesome Support, SSO is now available for clients using Ping Identity, OneLogin, ADFS, and Azure ADFS. Support for Okta is still in beta and will release soon.

With SSO, you can centrally control access to applications and services. And as a user, you no longer need to worry about logging in with each service.

Contact our support team to get started and schedule an onboarding session.

For more information on how to set up SSO as an Admin, please see the following articles:


The upcoming REST API is also in beta testing. With the REST API you can access Shotgun from any programming language, allowing integration from almost any type of environment. For more information on how to join the beta, please email support@shotgunsoftware.com.


The 7.8 release introduces a malware scanning service that checks for potential viruses in all attachments to versions and direct file uploads. To protect your systems, the files are inaccessible until the scanning is complete. In the event of detecting an infection, the file remains inaccessible to all users, and an infected-file thumbnail is displayed in the UI. The scanning service is also triggered when using the API. Please email support@shotgunsoftware.com to join the beta.

Additional Features

  • You can now change the entity you want to graph by within the graph widget. [SG-2715]
    Change entity to graph
  • Horizontal and vertical graph types can now display a negative value, and you can choose a custom “Negative Color.” [SG-2179]
    Graph negative data
  • Improved performance in verifying an entity as existing in a multi-entity field. [46738]
  • Notes and Tasks linked to Notes are now deleted in a way consistent with other entities in Shotgun. This means that if all the Tasks on a Note are deleted, and that Note is not linked to an entity, the Note will also be deleted. [45054]

Fixed Bugs

  • Users could not update Note forms to make a field required. This fix allows forms to be updated and saved. [39667]
  • Sometimes a filter for Open Notes does not contain blank field” led to results where the field was empty. This fix ensures the filter works correctly. [35901]
  • New Notes on a Version’s detail page were linked to the project, and notified every user on the project. This fix ensures Notes are not linked to the project when adding via a detail page on a view not at the project level. [46095]
  • Pasted content in Tickets and Notes were turned into file attachments. This fix allows pasted text in a text field to be treated as text. [35661]
  • Single entity fields on connection entities led to an error. This fix ensures a newly added entity field on a connection entity does not cause errors. [46619]
  • On Chrome, some fields on detail pages were truncated. This fix displays field names properly. [46740]
  • The importer app did not flag duplicate data when creating new entities. This fix ensures all duplicate data is flagged. [35252]
  • The Project navigation menu could not be edited. This fix allows the menu to be updated. [46708]
  • In rare cases, queries related to the last accessed field on a project led to an error. This fix ensures these errors do not occur in such cases. [46298] (Wed April 25, 2018)


  • Fix timing issue uploading files to S3 before transcoder finished with them. [SG-5792] (Wed April 25, 2018)

Fixed bugs

  • The formatting option “Render as Link to Detail Page” for Tasks did not always work. [SG-4196]
  • When sharing a Playlist, the notification email used to display in the site’s global language, instead of the user’s preferred language. [SG-4159]
  • When setting the language per user, the emails and login screens displayed the site’s global language preference, instead of the user’s preferred language. [SG-4099]
  • Previously when graphing custom fields, if the custom field was deleted was not possible to edit or remove the graph. [SG-2787]
  • Previously when graphing bar graphs, total labels for the individual bars overlapped the ends of the bars, in some cases, and appeared misaligned. [SG-3380]
  • Previously when creating a graph that showed the “total” display of a duration, the resulting value was wrong. [SG-5402]
  • Fixed a regression that was causing a server error on CSV exports whenever the Open Notes Count field was included within a step column group. [SG-2454]
  • It was possible to create a Pipeline Step without its’ Short Code. This then prevented the newly created Pipeline Step from displaying in Shotgun. [SG-4176]
  • Field names could not be duplicated, even if the fields were created for different entities. [SG-2215]
  • Reverse fields linked to custom entities displayed the name “Custom Entity…” instead of the name they were given, and could not be renamed. [SG-4800]
  • Fix for launching the Crew Planning App from the global navigation bar. Previously it displayed a blank page. [SG-3690] (Wed April 18, 2018)


  • In site preferences when float formatting is set to not use a comma (as in 9999.99) graph widgets that use count entities would result in graphs that do not display. This fix ensures that graphs with count entities using this formatting will display correctly. [SG-5401] (Tues April 10, 2018)


  • Calculated fields displayed all input on the left, even when data, such as numbers, should have been displayed on the right. This fix ensures data is shown correctly. [SG-2649]
  • Transcoded media was sometimes longer than the source file. This fix ensures both versions are the same length. [SG-4088]
  • Clicking on annotations made in the Overlay Player and Screening Room jumped to the start of the Sequence, instead of the frame. This fix ensures the playhead jumps to the frame of the marked annotation. [SG-4086]
  • The shortcut that allowed removal of an entire frame of annotation from the timeline in the Overlay Player and Screening Room did not work. This fix the hotkey works properly. [SG-4085]
  • Attachments that were dragged and dropped onto replies were automatically added to the following replies. This fix ensures attachments are only added once. [SG-3558]
  • Under Site Preferences, “Custom Entity 01” was incorrectly labeled as “Episode.” This fix labels the entity correctly. [SG-4173]
  • Not all text and videos were translated for Japanese and Simplified Chinese. This includes “My Following Settings,” and videos for “Inbox” and “My Tasks.” This fix translates more text and videos. [SG-4139] [SG-4094]
  • The ability to enable whether or not a specific permission group could save the layouts of entity creation forms was not working. This fix ensures permission rules are respected. [SG-4077]
  • Uploading a file via the Shotgun API and linking it to a Version resulted in the uploaded attachment not having a thumbnail. This fix generates a thumbnail, no matter which entity is referenced in the upload. [SG-4204]
  • Improve API access performance of large groups of records when they are linked to attachments that represent local files on a local storage. [SG-5000] (Tues April 3, 2018)


  • Fix for a potential crash when adding overly long names to Calculated Field Names. [sg-3563]